Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) short course duration funding


CITB funds Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) for the achievement of short course duration courses which align to CITB-approved construction-related schemes and standards.

Energy & Utility Skills is a recognised 3rd party awarding body for CITB and the UK construction industry. Energy & Utility Skills offers 62 sector-based schemes and standards that are approved for CITB short course duration funding purposes and can be offered by ATOs.

Approved schemes and standards


Below is the full list of Energy & Utility Skills’ schemes that are approved for the purposes of CITB short course duration funding purposes.

Where a scheme is identified below as meeting the requirements for CITB funding, then you must ensure that you are appropriately approved by Energy & Utility Skills to deliver the scheme before you are eligible to claim CITB short course duration funding.

As a part of your claim for funding, the CITB requires that you:

  1. are a CITB Approved Training Organisation (ATO), and
  2. can demonstrate that you are a current approved provider/trainer with Energy & Utility Skills in relation to the scheme for which you are claiming funding. CITB may ask for evidence that you are approved (e.g. certificate of approval) and your most recent audit report to check that your approval is still current.

To find out more about each scheme and how to get approved, click on the links below:

Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about becoming an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) for CITB, visit the CITB webpage by clicking here.

If you would like to find out more about CITB short course duration grants, visit the CITB webpage by clicking here.