Safe Control of Mains Connections (Water)

About the Scheme

Self-Lay Providers (SLPs) lay mains for new services on new development sites – ‘contestable’ works – and this scheme provides all the individuals involved in making mains connections, the knowledge and understanding of both their own roles and responsibilities, and those of others, when carrying out work.  It does not provide the skills required to carry out the connection and the individuals involved with the connection will hold EUSR registrations for National Water Hygiene, Utility SHEA (Water) and Level 2 Network Construction Operations (Water) where specified.

The standard for this scheme was developed in collaboration with Water Companies, Self-Lay Providers and Lloyds Register. The scheme is delivered and assessed by Energy & Utility Skills Approved Providers through their approved SCMC (Water) training programme.  Training and assessment against the standard gains an individual a registration on EUSR.

The scheme falls under the scope of the Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS) – operated by Lloyd’s Register.

After successfully completing an approved SCMC (Water) training programme and assessment, individuals will be able to demonstrate a knowledge of:

  • The scope of the connections that can be made
  • The various roles that are involved in the process; the accreditations needed for the various roles and the relationship between the roles
  • The role of the regulators in the process
  • What applications need to be made to plan the job
  • The content of the Work package
  • The specific details of the job including the different connection types
  • The considerations needed when carrying out the role
  • What to do if something goes wrong
  • What information needs to be provided to the Water Company once the connection has been made
  • How to complete relevant paperwork at the appropriate time within the process
  • How and when to liaise with other relevant individuals in the process

Registration Categories

There are two registration categories available for Safe Control of Mains Connections (Water) – Primary registration only and Primary & Secondary registrations together where a specific job role is specified. Please note that EUSR registration will be charged for separately except when registration for both categories is claimed at the same time.

Primary Registration – based on the successful completion of an Energy & Utility Skills approved SCMC (Water) training and assessment programme.

Secondary Registration – to obtain the following job role specific EUSR registrations, an authorised signatory must confirm that the individual can be registered for this category. The authorised signatory is designated by the company involved in the work, the Water Company for the role of Water Company Controller and the Self-Lay Provider for the roles of Competent Person and Senior Competent Person and these are verified by Lloyds Register:

  • Competent Person (CP)
  • Senior Competent Person (SCP)
  • Water Company Controller (WCC)

The EUSR registration and EUSR ID card will reflect the appropriate job role.

Registration on EUSR

Registration for SCMC Primary category is for 3 years and registration for Competent Person, Senior Competent Person or Water Company Controller runs concurrently with the Primary category registration.

After three years, re-registration is required.

See Registration Categories – Evidence Requirements.

Re-registration on EUSR

Once an EUSR registration for SCMC (Water) has expired, individuals must repeat the training programme and assessment as outlined above. There is no separate renewal registration process.

CITB Short Course

Energy & Utility Skills is a recognised Third Party Organisation (TPO) for CITB and the UK construction industry. This scheme is recognised by CITB for short course duration funding purposes and can be offered by ATOs. To find out more about CITB short course duration grants, click here.

Find Out More

If you would like to get trained in this scheme, please see our list of training providers. If you are a provider and would like to deliver this scheme, please see our guidance in the Approval and Delivery section.

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