Network Construction Operations (Gas)

About the Scheme

The Network Construction Operations (Gas) scheme is an evidence-based skills scheme that provides industry and individual employers with assurance of the skills, knowledge and understanding required to perform various tasks and duties on the gas networks. The registration categories reflect the different roles across the networks.

The scheme is for individuals working on the gas network infrastructure sites and categorises some aspects into ‘pipe sizes’ and it can also incorporate registration of an individual’s specialist skills such as Escape, Locate & Repair.

There are 2 routes to registration for the NCO (Gas) scheme:

  1. completion of a regulated national vocational qualification (NVQ), e.g. EUIAS Level 2 Network Construction Operations (Gas) OR
  2. completion of an approved Institute for Apprenticeship and Technical Education Apprenticeship

These are available through awarding organisations and training providers and have been developed using national occupational standards/apprenticeship standards and are based on the appropriate roles.

Registration Categories

The NCO Gas scheme provides the following registration categories, starting with trainee for those entering the gas industry progressing through to a more specialist role for those individuals dealing with locating/repairing gas escapes:

  •  Trainee
  •  Assistant
  •  Service Layer
  •  Mains Layer up to 180mm
  • Mains Layer up to 355mm
  • Mains Layer 400mm and above
  • Escape, Locate & Repair

Registration Pathways

In addition to the registration categories listed, an individual will also be registered as either ‘Self-Lay’ or ‘Distribution’ pathway, or both.  This is determined by the qualification/units completed or the apprenticeship undertaken.

As a guide:

  • the unit for working on ‘Sites’ is Self-Lay pathway
  • the unit for working in the ‘Highway’ is ‘Distribution’ pathway

Meter Disconnection

Meter Disconnection registration is for individuals working on the gas network infrastructure sites either as a Service Layer or Mains Layer and where they are required to disconnect meters as part of their role.  There are 4 routes to registration for Meter Disconnection through the completion of one of the following:

  • Qualification – Level 2 NCO Gas – specific unit
  • Gas Safe ACS
  • Endorsed Training Programme (ETP)
  • Apprenticeship – GNTL/GNO Service Layer

Where Meter Disconnection registration is being applied for, the individual’s Employer is required by HSE/ Gas Safe to hold Gas Safe business registration that includes ‘Meter Disconnection’, and with, at least, one appropriately qualified individual recorded on the Gas Safe Register.  For businesses/ employers using this route to registration, please see the requirements and process in more detail on the Meter Disconnection page.

Evidence Requirements

Registration on EUSR for the NCO (Gas) scheme is based upon the completion of an appropriate regulated qualification or an apprenticeship and where evidence for registration has been submitted and verified.

The evidence requirements are detailed under each registration category page.

Registration Pre-requisite

All individuals must hold a valid EUSR registration for SHEA Gas.

EUSR Registration

Registrations for NCO (Gas) can be made either online or paper based.

Online – online applications should be submitted using QuartzWeb, with the completed forms and supporting evidence uploaded.

Paper-based – applications should include the completion of a Registration Form, appropriate evidence and a photograph must be submitted to EUSR Support, Avon House, 435 Stratford Road, Shirley, Solihull, B90 4AA or emailed to

NCO (Gas) registration is valid for five years, with the exception of the Trainee category.

Registration for the Trainee category is for 30 months until the 30th April 2025.  After this date the registrations will be 12 months. Individuals may only be registered as a Trainee once.

EUSR Registration Renewal

Registration renewal on EUSR is required after 5 years.  An individual may be re-registered for NCO (Gas) for their existing or recently achieved categories where the required evidence has been submitted and verified.

Renewal registration is valid for five years and is available for the following categories only:

  • Assistant
  • Service Layer
  • Mains Layer up to 180mm
  • Mains Layer up to 355mm
  • Mains Layer 400mm and above
  • Escape, Locate & Repair

Meter Disconnection

Individuals holding EUSR Meter Disconnection registration are required to also re-register for Meter Disconnection at the same time as re-registering their NCO (Gas) registration(s). Where both NCO (Gas) and Meter Disconnection re-registration is applied for at the same time, only a single registration fee is charged.

Find Out More

If you have any queries relating to EUSR or the evidence requirements for any of our schemes or programmes, please contact the EUSR Support team. We are available Monday – Friday, 8.00am – 5.00pm via email or tel: 0121 745 1310.