NCO (Gas) Scheme – Meter Disconnection Registration


Meter Disconnection registration is for individuals working on the gas network infrastructure sites either as a Service Layer or Mains Layer and where they are required to disconnect meters as part of their role.  There are 5 routes to registration for Meter Disconnection through the completion of one of the following:

  • City & Guilds – NCO (Gas) Unit 219
  • Gas Safe ACS – Assessment
  • Energy & Utility Skills – Endorsed Training Programme (ETP)
  • Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education – Gas Network Team Leader (GNTL) Apprenticeship – Service Layer
  • Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education – Gas Network Operative (GNO) Apprenticeship

EUSR Registration

Where Meter Disconnection registration is being applied for, the individual’s Employer is required by HSE/ Gas Safe to hold Gas Safe business registration that includes ‘Meter Disconnection’, and with, at least, one appropriately qualified individual recorded on the Gas Safe Register

Organisations holding Gas Safe registration

Where an individual’s employer already holds Gas Safe registration, they may apply for EUSR registration by completing the NCO (Gas) Meter Disconnection registration form, confirming the full name and postcode of the individual’s employer and their Gas Safe registration number, submitting this along with the required evidence.

Organisations not currently Gas Safe registered

Where an individual’s Employer does not hold Gas Safe registration but wishes to obtain Gas Safe registration for Meter Disconnection, they must first notify Energy & Utility Skills of the single and appropriately qualified individual they wish to register for NCO (Gas) and Meter Disconnection. This will then support the Organisations application for Gas Safe registration.

Organisations must apply for the individual’s EUSR registration by completing the NCO (Gas) Meter Disconnection registration form, and confirm the following:

  • Full name of the individual to be registered with EUSR and to be the Organisations single, appropriately qualified individual
  • Individuals date of birth
  • Individuals National Insurance (NI) number
  • Employers full name, address, and postcode

The individual will then be registered on EUSR for NCO (Gas) Meter Disconnection and this information will then be sent to Gas Safe.

The Organisation must then apply directly to Gas Safe and follow the process for registration, using this appointed individual’s details to support their application.

Organisations using this route to obtain Gas Safe business registration must ensure that they have one, appropriately qualified individual, registered with EUSR and Gas Safe at all times to maintain their registration.

Where the single appropriately qualified named individual leaves the organisation, you must notify us of a replacement immediately, using the ‘Notification of a Replacement Individual with Gas Safe’ form.  Any failure or delay in notifying us of a replacement individual may result in your Gas Safe business registration becoming invalid or being removed.

Evidence Requirements

Registration on EUSR for Meter Disconnection is dependent upon the individual completing one of the relevant routes to registration listed above.

The evidence required for each route to registration is listed below.

  • City & Guilds Unit 219 – Disconnection of Meters – a copy of the unit 219 certificate
  • Gas Safe ACS – a copy of the Blue Flame certificate
  • Endorsed Training Programme – a copy of the ETP certificate
  • Gas Network Team Leader (GNTL) Apprenticeship (Service Layer) route – a copy of the relevant apprenticeship certificate and additional evidence to confirm that specific Meter Disconnection formal training and assessment has been completed
  • Gas Network Operative (GNO) Apprenticeship – a copy of the apprenticeship certificate


NCO (Gas) Service Layer or NCO (Gas) Mains Layer

Individuals must also hold a valid EUSR registration for SHEA Gas.

Find Out More

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