What We Do

We work closely with employers in all industries across our sector – Gas, Power, Smart Metering, Water, Waste, and Telecommunications – to develop standards, training programmes and assessment. Sometimes this involves working across two or more of these industries.

Some examples of schemes and programmes we have worked cross-industry are:

Passport Schemes                                                      

Skills-based Schemes

More schemes and programme information can be found through our schemes search.

Endorsed Training Programmes

We also offer endorsement of your own training programmes through our Endorsed Training Programme. You have the freedom to develop training programmes that meet your own needs as well as the specific needs of your customers. Being endorsed by us provides you with the recognition that you, and your training programme, have met all of our quality assurance criteria.

Your training programme must map to standards. These may be recognised industry standards or ones you have created yourself, with or without an employer. We will review these as part of our endorsement process as well as your resources, delivery plans and quality assurance processes.

Find out more about getting your cross-industry training programme endorsed by Energy & Utility Skills.

Bespoke Programmes

We work with employers, stakeholders and regulators cross-industry to develop schemes and programmes that are tailored to specific requirements. These requirements include training programmes, assessment services, quality assurance services and also the development of training or industry standards.

Find Out More

If you have an idea for a new cross-industry scheme or programme, or would like to feedback on an existing one, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at