Supervisory Skills

About the Scheme 

The Supervisory Skills scheme is designed to enable the development of knowledge, skills, confidence and behaviours of employees in the energy and utilities sector who are responsible and accountable for the work of a team or teams and processes. 

Developed at the request of, and in collaboration with the utilities industry, the scheme recognises the skills and underpinning knowledge required to operate as a supervisor in a range of settings.  

The scheme consists of 7 units and covers the minimum training and assessment required for those in these front-line operational positions.  

  • Unit 1 – The Role and Responsibilities of a Supervisor 
  • Unit 2 – Personal and Professional Development 
  • Unit 3 – Fundamentals of Supervision 
  • Unit 4 – Supervising a Team 
  • Unit 5 – Situational Management 
  • Unit 6 – Being a Leader 
  • Unit 7 – Developing the Competence and Performance of the Team 

The Supervisory Skills scheme has a flexible assessment approach to enable the collection, curation, and creation of as much naturally occurring work-based evidence as possible so that Individuals can relate the standards and competences directly to their workplace and their role. 

 The Guided Learning Hours (GLH) for this scheme are 98 hours.  

In addition to these GLH, Individuals will require substantial time for the creation, gathering and collation of evidence.  

EUSR Registration 

The following EUSR registration category is available for this scheme: 

  • Supervisory Skills 

EUSR Registration is based on successful completion of an Energy & Utility Skills approved training programme and assessment delivered through a network of Energy & Utility Skills approved providers. 

EUSR registration for the Supervisory Skills scheme is valid for 5 years. 

EUSR Registration Renewal 

Registration renewal on EUSR is required after 5 years and is dependent upon you being able to demonstrate continued competence which is evidenced through CPD records. 

The employees direct line manager or HR manager must sign the EUSR registration renewal form to confirm that the Individual is still competent in all areas of the specification.  

Find Out more 

In order to deliver the Supervisory Skills Scheme, you will need to be an Approved Training Provider with Energy & Utility Skills .

If you would like to deliver this scheme or find out more, please get in touch by filling out the form below or calling 0121 713 8200. Don’t forget to read our Approval and Delivery guidance section first.

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