Low Voltage Power Networks


Our Endorsed Training Programmes in Low Voltage Networking covers employees working on private or Customer Safety management Systems and will  also relate to the NHS Health Technical Memorandum.

The core areas covered by the course would ensure: 

  • Mapping to HSG85 Electricity at Work
  • Mapping to Health and Safety at Work Act
  • The principles and working practices for work on Low Voltage electrical systems
  • Knowledge and practical experience on systems
  • The courses are designed for persons who will require knowledge and experience to operate and/or work on low voltage electrical systems

Training courses offered are:

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We are always very happy to offer advice and guidance before you make a submission to have your training programme endorsed. If you would like to talk to us about the service and to find out more about whether it is suitable for you, please contact us by email at quality@euskills.co.uk or call 0121 745 1310 (option 1).

An Endorsed Training Programme is a training programme that has been endorsed by Energy & Utility Skills as meeting its objectives. They are offered by private companies and any questions relating specifically to that training package should be directed to the appropriate provider.