View My Registration

Accessing your Registration

You can view your EUSR registration at any time. It’s available 24/7 using our EUSR Register Search.

This will show you your current registration endorsements, and is the view that employers will have when they use EUSR as part of any recruitment process.

If you want to see your historical registration endorsements, you will need to access the Authorised User section of this website. Only you will be able to access or view your full record.

To use the Authorised User section of this website, you will need a password. See our FAQs for help if you need a password or password reminder.

Find Out More

 If you have any queries about viewing your own registration, please contact the EUSR Support team. We are available Monday to Friday, 8.00am – 5.00pm: via email: or tel: 0845 077 9922.