What We Do

We work closely with the Product Management team to make sure quality assurance is embedded within our schemes and programmes from the very outset.  We ensure that the outcomes of our schemes and programmes are reliable and consistent and we do this by implementing our quality framework, policies and processes.

Most of our time is spent on approvals – for new providers, trainers and schemes – and on-going monitoring (including audits) of those who are delivering our schemes and programmes.  We also work with our customers on endorsement of their own training programmes and employers – or a whole industry – who want a more bespoke or tailored approach to their training delivery.

Laura Bate

Quality Coordinator

Noel Blunt

Quality Lead

Gareth Bowen

Quality Lead

Cara-Ann Monvoisin

Quality Assurance Co-ordinator

Bhupindra Sard

Quality Manager


Find Out More

We love to hear back from our customers about our work in quality assurance. We are always looking to improve our service, and we welcome all feedback. To provide feedback please email us at quality@euskills.co.uk.