Abrasive Wheels

About Abrasive Wheels

The Abrasive Wheels scheme is designed to support the safety of individuals working with rotary grinding and cutting equipment, often used to shape materials such as metal or concrete.

Due to their power, design, and material, there is significant risk when operating grinding or cutting wheels. Sufficient training has been a requirement since the introduction of the Abrasive Wheels Regulations 1970 and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.

According to HSE, training courses offered by a number of organisations generally provide a certificate of attendance for the training, but do not include a formal practical assessment using the equipment.

Our Abrasive Wheels scheme requires all trainees have a formal written and practical assessment demonstrating knowledge and  safe use of the equipment as a requirement for completion.

The standard for this scheme was developed in collaboration with employers and stakeholders from across the energy and utility sector.

It provides a framework to support consistency and relevance in training provision and assessment of knowledge and performance.

Training and assessment against the standard will gain an individual a registration on EUSR.

Training and assessment are delivered by providers through their Energy & Utility Skills approved programme.

Registration categories

This scheme was developed in collaboration with and according to the requirements of employers and stakeholders from across the energy and utility sector.

Successful completion of the training and assessments will result in an EUSR registration, valid for three years, in one or more of the following categories:

  • Abrasive Wheels – Theory Only
  • Abrasive Wheels – Petrol Cut Off Saw
  • Abrasive Wheels – Petrol Floor Saw
  • Abrasive Wheels – Electrical/Battery Angle Grinder (4 inch)
  • Abrasive Wheels – Electrical/Battery Angle Grinder (9 inch)
  • Abrasive Wheels – Electrical/Battery Bench Grinder
  • Abrasive Wheels Electrical/Battery Cut Off Saw
  • Abrasive Wheels – Hydraulic Angle Grinder
  • Abrasive Wheels – Pneumatic Angle Grinder

Registration in multiple categories is permitted without incurring additional registration fees, providing the categories are included in the same registration submission.

Endorsed Training Programmes

As of 10 March 2023, we will no longer endorse any training programmes in the subject area of Abrasive Wheels.

All registrations for EUSR will only be processed against our scheme after this date.

Becoming approved

All Approved Providers wishing to deliver this scheme will need to get their training programme approved by us, including those Approved Providers who have had a previous training programme endorsed by us.  

The Scheme Handbook, which details the approval criteria for this scheme is available from the Quality Team. You can start the approval process by getting in contact with the Quality Team, and requesting a Self-Assessment Report (SAR).  

Find Out More

We are always very happy to offer advice and guidance before you make a submission to have your training programme endorsed. If you would like to talk to us about the service and to find out more about whether it is suitable for you, please contact us by email at quality@euskills.co.uk or call 0121 745 1310.

An Endorsed Training Programme is a training programme that has been endorsed by Energy & Utility Skills as meeting its objectives. They are offered by private companies and any questions relating specifically to that training package should be directed to the appropriate provider.

CITB Short Course

Energy & Utility Skills is a recognised Third Party Organisation (TPO) for CITB and the UK construction industry.  

The theory element of this scheme is recognised by CITB for short course duration funding purposes and can be offered by ATOs.  

To find out more about CITB short course duration grants, click here.