Safety, Health & Environmental Awareness Schemes Overview

What is SHEA?

A SHEA EUSR registration gives confidence there is the required knowledge and understanding to work safely in an operational environment. The training embeds best practice in health and safety and environmental awareness and supports the HSE’s essential principles for good health and safety performance.

Our SHEA schemes are developed in collaboration with employers and key stakeholders from across the industries in our sector, so the content is relevant – all helping to improve the safety of the workforce and reduce costs associated with injury, illness or accidents.

The industry specific content makes our SHEA schemes 100% relatable – it’s easier to understand the relevance to the day job – again supporting a safer workplace.

We recently completed a full review of the whole Safety, Health & Environmental Awareness (SHEA) scheme suite. This has ensured that the schemes are still relevant to their industries and are up to date with best health and safety practice and legislation. You can watch our webinar going through the key changes here.

What is SHEA Mapped?

We know that some organisations carry out their own health and safety training, sometimes as part of an induction for new employees or maybe when an employee moves to a more operational role. If this is the case, the content of these internal training programmes can be mapped to our SHEA standards, ‘SHEA Mapped’.

An individual successfully completing a SHEA Mapped training programme gains a SHEA registration on EUSR and all the benefits that brings such as supporting a flexible and agile workforce that moves from site to site. SHEA also has a CSCS partner card status for entry onto operational sites for utilities work. This all means less time off the job for training and less cost for employers.

Read our latest case study – SHEA Mapped scheme helped save JSM time and money and provided a flexible route to a CSCS card.

Speak to our Quality team to learn more about SHEA Mapped.

CSCS Partner Card

We are a recognised third-party awarding organisation with CITB, and our SHEA training and assessments are mapped to the standards for the CITB Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment – meaning all SHEA schemes have CSCS Partner Card status.

The CSCS Logo gives individuals access to CSCS controlled operational sites for utilities work.

The EUSR ID card carries the CSCS Logo which reduces the need for individuals to carry more than one card.

For SHEA to retain CSCS Partner Card status, our training programme and assessment must comply with their assessment requirements. This includes making sure all SHEA assessment criteria are mapped to the CITB Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment.


It is a mandatory requirement for SHEA Mapped training programmes to use SHEA assessments.

SHEA assessments and answers can be downloaded from our online registration system, QuartzWeb, up to 72 hours before the assessment date.

SHEA assessments are multiple choice and structured so that there is an assessment per module. They can be taken one module at a time, or all together at the same time. An answer sheet can also be downloaded which you can photocopy as required.

Reminder: It is a specific condition for all CSCS Partner Card Schemes that assessments are invigilated. Invigilation of assessments will ensure the results are authentic and reliable, and mitigate the risk of identity fraud, cheating or collusion.

SHEA Renewal

For the renewal of a SHEA EUSR registration, there are several routes:

DurationTraining Delivery & Assessment Method
Full DayFace to face training delivery in a classroom and paper-based assessment
Full DayRemote training delivery via an e-Classroom and remote assessment or e-assessment
Half DayFace to face training delivery in a classroom and paper-based assessment
Half DayRemote training delivery via an e-classroom using and remote assessment or e-assessment
Half DayeLearning delivery and e-assessment

The half-day and e-Learning renewal routes to EUSR registration are not available for those without a current SHEA registration.

Find Out More

If you would like to be trained in a SHEA scheme visit our Scheme Search.

If you are a trainer and would like to deliver this scheme, please see our guidance in the Approval and Delivery section.

If you are considering incorporating SHEA Mapped into your organisation’s health and safety training programme, please contact our Quality team via

If you have any queries, please contact:

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