Safety, Health & Environmental Awareness Schemes Overview

SHEA Schemes

Our SHEA schemes cover the essentials of safety, health and environmental awareness; designed for those working across the energy and utilities sector

Who are the schemes for?

The one-day training programmes are designed for all individuals requiring access to operational sites, including supervisors and managers

Benefits to your Business

  • Contextualised content makes them 100% relevant – individuals will understand the relevance to their day job
  • Interactive training that caters for differing learning styles – individuals will learn more as they will be engaged in the content and delivery
  • Training outcomes assured through robust quality assurance – providing reliability and consistency
  • Delivered by trainers with recent experience in the relevant industry – and with appropriate training/assessment and Health & Safety qualifications
  • All SHEA schemes are CSCS partner schemes – no need for individuals to carry any additional cards for access to CSCS operational sites

Energy & Utility Skills Register (EUSR) Registration

Successful completion of a SHEA scheme assessment results in EUSR registration for SHEA (in the relevant industry), valid for three years (except for SHEA Gas which is five years).

Access to CSCS Operational Sites

EUSR registration allows access to CSCS controlled sites for utilities work.

Developed in Collaboration with Industry

All SHEA schemes have been developed by us in collaboration with relevant health and safety professionals and a wide range of industry stakeholders including asset owners/large employers, contractor employers, training providers and independent trainers.

Contextualised to your Industry

Each scheme consists of core modules plus contextualised industry specific modules:

Scheme Details
SHEA Water A Water industry programme including additional modules on highway working and excavations, sewerage network and process operations.
SHEA GasDeveloped for the Gas industry with specialist modules on highway working and excavations, safety in premises and pressure regulating installations.
SHEA PowerA Power industry programme including additional modules on power industry hazards and power generation and distribution.
SHEA Cross-Country Pipelines (CCP) A Gas industry programme, it includes our core modules as well as specialist modules on traffic management, welding and non-destructive testing and the environment.
SHEA TelecommunicationsDeveloped for the Telecommunications industry, it includes our core modules plus an additional modules on highway working and excavations.
SHEA Waste and Resource Management Developed for the Waste Management and Resource industry, the programme includes core modules as well as additional modules contextualised to the industry. There is also an additional modules on waste collection.
SHEA Core A cross-industry programme, SHEA Core consists of six modules that are generic to all health and safety contexts and can be taken as a stand-alone programme in its own right. The six modules include: Module 1: Understanding our workplace responsibilities Module 2: Understanding the effects of our work on the working environment Module 3: Identifying and controlling risks Module 4: Common hazards in the workplace Module 5: Occupational health hazards Module 6: Responding to emergencies


Where an individual already has already a SHEA registration on EUSR and they require registration for another SHEA scheme they can sometimes undertake a reduced programme of training and assessment for the additional SHEA scheme; the modules in one SHEA scheme can ‘count’ or ‘be converted’ towards achievement of another SHEA scheme.

SHEA Conversion is available when the ‘conversion’ occurs within two years of the registration date of the original SHEA scheme.

Registration gained from a ‘conversion’ will expire on the same date as the original SHEA scheme. 

For example: If your EUSR registration for SHEA Power is dated 09/05/2018 and you use modules in this scheme to access reduced training and assessment for a SHEA Water registration, both registrations will expire on 08/05/2021.

SHEA Conversion was formerly known as ‘SHEA reciprocity’ and ‘SHEA transition’.

Find Out More

Approved trainers delivering SHEA schemes can be found via our Trainer Search. If you are a trainer and would like to deliver a SHEA scheme, please see our guidance for Getting Approved.

If you have any queries relating to EUSR or the evidence requirements for any of our schemes or programmes, please contact the EUSR Support team. We are available Monday – Friday, 8.00am – 5.00pm via email: or tel: 0845 077 99 22.