User Guides

The EUSR team have compiled a list of User Guides which are designed to help navigate our processes, schemes, programmes and portals.

Our User Guides include comprehensive technical and support information to assist our stakeholders and are available below for quick reference and for a detailed step-by-step overview of some key EUSR offerings. Click to download the relevant guide to be provided with some useful insights, instructions and general information you need to best the best performance out of your selected EUSR scheme or programme.

QuartzWeb User Guide

This user guide is to help and support our Approved providers and Trainers submit EUSR registration applications through our online system, QuartzWeb.

Download here

User Guide to Endorsed Training Programmes

A very popular service we offer is the endorsement of training programmes – once we are satisfied they meet our endorsement criteria.  This user guide provides lots of information to support our Approved Providers submit their training programmes for endorsement.

Download here

User Guidance and Best Practice for Remote Training Delivery

More training is delivered remotely using video conferencing than ever before.  This user guide will help you understand which schemes are suitable for remote delivery as well as lots of information and tips for creating a positive learning environment and successful training – and assessment – delivery.

Download here

User Guide to Provider Approval

A step-by-step user guide developed by our Quality team to support providers and employers who want to become Approved to deliver our schemes.  As well as detailing our approval criteria, there is a lot of information and guidance on best practice.

Download here

Find Out More

If you can’t find the guidance you are looking for, our EUSR Support team is on hand. We are available Monday to Friday, 8.00am -5.00pm, via email: or tel: 0121 745 1310. You can also visit our Support & FAQs page for more information.