Developing Standards

What We Do

Standards are a formal framework of criteria related to the performance of a particular role(s).

They can be used to benchmark role performance, provide guidance for role design, and determine the knowledge and/or skills an individual needs to ‘know’ and/or ‘can do’ in relation to a specific role or function.

Our standards are developed by subject matter experts who understand what employers need. Our team of experts provide valid and reliable judgements in skills and knowledge which will also allow for the standardisations of decisions in relation to assessment.

All of our schemes and programmes are based on standards. These standards sometimes already exist – for example, in an existing apprenticeship or qualification. Sometimes they need to be created before any training scheme can be developed.

We can work with you to develop the most appropriate standards as a stand-alone project or as a first step in creating a new training programme or assessment strategy.

‘Recogniser of Training’ for IGEM/IG/1

The IGEM/IG1 ‘Standards of Training in Gas Work’ provide this governance – developed by a Working Group consisting of representatives from the gas industry’s Strategic Management Board (SMB) and the Standards Consultation Forum (SCF). They set out the criteria for gas work training programmes and assessment as well as ensuring a consistent and robust approach for all routes to Gas Safe registration.

EUSR’s years of experience working with employers and training providers in the gas industry (including our industry network groups) means we’re uniquely placed to offer support, advice and guidance throughout the recognition process and beyond.

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Find Out More

If you would like to work with us on developing standards, whether for a whole industry, specific job role or to underpin a training programme, then please get in touch.

We can offer you advice and guidance on where to start and how to go about the task, and also who to involve and when. Call the EUSR Support team on 0121 745 1310 or email We are available Monday – Friday, 8.00am – 5.00pm.