High Pressure Water Jetting


This endorsed training programme is operated by National Association of Drainage Contractors (N.A.D.C)

High pressure water jetting is recognised as an effective environmentally friendly way to clean various sewers, pipelines, catch pits etc.

High pressure water jetting can be extremely dangerous. It is therefore essential that all staff expected to use this type of equipment receive appropriate and adequate training in accordance with the WRc SEWER JETTING CODE OF PRACTISE Second Edition.

This course is Certificated by the National Association of Drainage Contractors (N.A.D.C) and
Accredited by EUSkills (EUSR) all courses are run in accordance with the Water Research Centre (WRc) Code of Practice.

Health and Safety within the water jetting industry is of paramount importance. Trained staff will have a greater awareness and appreciation of safe sewer jetting working practices with high pressure, high flow water jetting equipment.

In line with Health and Safety Laws and Acts Councils, insurance companies, water utilities and major contractors all demand that staff have the correct level of training and hold current valid Certification.

The National Association of Drainage Contractors (N.A.D.C) High Pressure Safety Awareness course brings all of this together.

The course is aimed at new and experienced operators.

There are no formal entry requirements


The course is run over 1 day (7+ hours minimum) and covers the following topics:

  • Dangers associated with using high pressure water jetting equipment
  • Correct handling techniques
  • Selection process of attachments for water jetting works
  • Procedures used for setting up water jetting equipment
  • Health & Safety issues related to:  High Pressure water jetting equipment, PPE, daily checks and diseases.
  • The Health and Safety at Works Act 1974 (UK), Safety, Health and Welfare at work Act 2005 (ROI)

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Contact: 0800 0933 507 – info@nadc.org.uk

An Endorsed Training Programme is a training programme that has been endorsed by Energy & Utility Skills as meeting its objectives. They are offered by private companies and any questions relating specifically to that training package should be directed to the appropriate provider.