Manual Handling Awareness and Practical Application


This endorsed training programme is operated by Pragmatic Consulting Ltd

The Manual Handling Awareness and Practical Application Course is designed to provide individuals with knowledge and understanding of how to undertake manual handling and lifting operations in a safe manner.

This course will benefit all those who perform manual handling duties including operatives, supervisors and managers.

The course aims to enable individuals to:

  • Understand safe practise for manual handling and the operation of lifting equipment
  • Describe the principles of kinetic lifting
  • Demonstrate a base lift
  • Explain the principles of risk assessment with regards to manual handling activities
  • Identify alternatives to manual handling, including the use of lifting equipment
  • Understand their responsibilities when requesting the assistance of others when performing lifting and handling operations

There are no Pre-Requisites for this course.


Registration on EUSR is valid for 3 years from date of training.

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