Basic Electrical Safety Competence for Access, Movement & Egress (BESC:AME)

About the Scheme

The Basic Electrical Competence for Access, Movement & Egress (BESC:AME) scheme is for individuals who are required to carry out duties on or near operational plant and equipment in electricity transmission and/or distribution environments.

This scheme is assessment only and does not include any training. This scheme may be delivered in conjunction with a company or site-specific induction.

BESC:AME assessments are available in the following work areas:

  • Substations
  • Underground Cables
  • Overhead Lines

The scheme standards cover the basic requirements for safely entering, moving around and exiting work areas within electricity environments and do not cover the skills required for carrying out operational work tasks on the electricity network, for example cable jointing. Where individuals are required to enter more than one work area, they must pass the relevant assessment. BESC:AME is not a company authorisation, nor a proxy for a company authorisation.

Registration on EUSR

Registration is based on successful completion of an assessment. The assessment is delivered through a network of Energy & Utility Skills approved assessors and they all deliver the same assessment.  The associated training and assessment usually lasts about a half-working day for each work area.

EUSR registration for BESC:AME is for three years from the date of assessment.

Find Out More

If you would like to get trained in this scheme, please see our list of training providers. If you are a trainer and would like to deliver this scheme, please see our guidance in the Approval and Delivery section.

If you have any queries relating to EUSR or the evidence requirements for any of our schemes or programmes, please contact the EUSR Support team. We are available Monday – Friday, 8.00am – 5.00pm via email or tel: 0845 077 99 22.