Recognised Providers


The BESC: Access, Movement & Egress scheme requires that organisations intending to assess for competency become recognised providers. This is to ensure that all Access, Movement & Egress assessments are delivered by providers who have the necessary policies and procedures in place to provide a quality assessment experience for the individual. Providers will need to demonstrate that they have the necessary management and administration systems in place together with qualified Assessors.

Centre Recognition

Organisations wishing to become a recognised BESC: Access, Movement & Egress provider should complete the BESC: Access, Movement & Egress Provider Application Form. Details of how the centre fulfils or intends to fulfil the checklist criteria should be attached to the application form.

Internal Quality Assurance

Assessment providers are expected to carry out internal quality assurance of their assessment provision in addition to the external audit procedures carried out by Energy & Utility Skills. Records of internal quality assurance will be requested as part of the provider audit.

Internal quality assurance procedures should include:

  • A sampling strategy of assessment records to establish that the correct decisions have been taken. To enable this, it is essential that all assessors complete the assessment documentation and add sufficient explanatory comments to demonstrate the individual’s performance.
  • Regular meetings of assessors where the Access, Movement & Egress assessment strategy and any issues that have arisen during assessments are discussed. Records of these meetings, either in the form of minutes or updates issued to all assessors, must be maintained.
  • Annual observation of each assessor carrying out Access, Movement & Egress assessments.
  • Additional observation and sampling of records of new or inexperienced assessors.

On-going Monitoring

Quality assurance for Access, Movement & Egress assessments is provided through the established Energy & Utility Skills Approved Provider Audit processes. The annual audit consists of observation of assessment taking place in the working environment as well as the supporting systems, processes and assessment records. Dependent upon locations, and the number of active assessors employed by a provider, the annual audit may take place over multiple days.

The annual audit is chargeable on a daily rate and must be completed in order to retain Access, Movement & Egress Assessment Provider status.

The purpose of the technical expert is to support the Energy & Utility Skills Auditor by ensuring that the assessments are being carried out in a manner that is technically correct and that the behaviours that are required to be observed have been demonstrated by the individuals being assessed.

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