QuartzWeb is the online registration system for EUSR.

The URL which takes you to the login page is https://quartzweb.eusr.co.uk

Quartzweb has replaced our paper-based registration process:

  • Photographs – uploaded directly into QuartzWeb against the individual. We review the photograph to ensure it is compliant with our guidelines and if it is, then we make the registration ‘live’ on EUSR and get the ID card printed.  The registration is then visible for anyone to view. We are only able to make minor amends to photographs, our ability to resize and crop is limited.  You must ensure the photograph is ‘right way up’ and not sideways on and we will return batches or individuals within a batch where the photograph does not conform to our guidelines.
  • Photo Uploading Guidance – We understand that some users of QuartzWeb would like confirmation of photos uploading successfully when submitting registrations. You can now access a report within QuartzWeb which shows on a batch by batch basis, which photos have been successfully uploaded in each batch. Click here to view guidance document.  
  • Uploading Documentation – When photographs and evidence are uploaded for storage into ‘Batch Documentation’ this causes Trainers’ photographs to be changed on the EUSR Register Search, and will result in a delay on card production. Please do not upload any documentation into ‘Batch Documentation’ in QuartzWeb – this includes any scheme evidence, attendance registers, data capture forms, photographs – this information should be stored through other means. Click here to find out more.
  • Scheme Evidence – where a scheme requires evidence to be submitted – for example certificates – they are uploaded directly into QuartzWeb against the individual. We review the evidence at the same time we review the photograph and if the evidence is valid, then the registration will be made ‘live’ on EUSR
  • Bulk Uploads – quick and easy to upload multi-individuals using the Excel spreadsheet within Quartzweb. Download this spreadsheet and save to your desktop. Registrations must be submitted within 28 days of the training/course or assessment
  • Using Capital Letters – whatever is typed in to QuartzWeb is exactly how it will appear on the online register and the EUSR ID card. Make sure the CAPS LOCK button is off.

Logging into QuartzWeb for the first time

  • When you first visit QuartzWeb you will need to create a new password before you login. To do this click ‘Forgotten Your Password?’ and you will be sent an email to the address we currently have for you with a link to set a new password. Once you have followed the link and created your new password you will then have access.
  • If you do not receive an email it could be that we do not hold an email address for you, or the one we have is incorrect, please contact EUSR Support – email: eusr@euskills.co.uk or tel: 0845 077 99 22 (select option 1)
  • Administrators without an EUSR ID – most Administrators in QuartzWeb will already have an EUSR ID, however if you have forgotten it, please either ask your Lead Administrator to check in QuartzWeb or contact EUSR Support – email: eusr@euskills.co.uk or tel: 0845 077 99 22 (select option 1).
  • Setting up a new Administrator – a Lead Administrator can set up a new Administrator within their own centre by selecting ‘Contact Manager’ in the ‘Centre Management’ tab.  Adding a new contact for the centre automatically generates an EUSR ID
  • You will need to check your main centre address – see below
  • You will need to add a Delivery address for the return of EUSR ID Cards – see below

Centre addresses held in QuartzWeb

Main Site address:

This is the primary or head office address for your centre. Only the EUSR Support team can change a main centre address, and the request must come from a Lead Administrator or Head of Centre.  This address is called ‘The Site’ when creating a Batch.

Delivery Site address:

A Delivery Site address is the return address EUSR ID Cards are posted to

You can have as many Delivery Site addresses as you need.

A Lead Administrator or an Administrator can set up a Delivery address in ‘Centre Management>Amend Sites’ within QuartzWeb – selecting ‘Return Address (Cards)’ as the Site Type.

You must include a contact name and organisation name in Address Line 1 – without this, there is a risk the EUSR ID cards might not reach the required individual or location – especially vital in multi-department or multi-tenanted buildings.

When creating a Batch, you will be able to choose from a drop-down list of Delivery Sites that you have created for your centre.

Check your approvals

Check the approvals you have against you – as a Provider, an Approved Trainer or Approved Assessor. If there are any approvals missing, contact EUSR Support by email: eusr@euskills.co.uk or tel: 0121 745 1310 (option 1).


Workshops – We are holding a series of free workshops in January through to April to introduce trainers and providers to QuartzWeb.  The last workshop is scheduled for 18 April in Solihull.  To book your slot please click here.

User Guide – To view the User Guide click here. This User Guide is updated on a regular basis, so make sure you are looking at the most up-to-date version.  Any feedback on this User Guide would be welcomed – if you think we should expand on a topic, or include new topics, please email us at eusr@euskills.co.uk.

Videos – A series of training videos are available that introduce the new system and demonstrate how to perform certain actions. Click here to view the videos.

FAQs – we have collected together the most common questions we get asked about the transition to QuartzWeb click here.  Any feedback on the FAQs is welcomed – and we update them on a regular basis, so make sure you are looking at the most up-to-date version.

EUSR Support – we are here to help and support you Monday 8.00am – Friday 5.00pm, Email eusr@euskills.co.uk or Telephone: 0845 077 99 22 (select option 1)

Key Dates

There are some important dates for you to be aware of,  that will help you with your planning and administration. To view the latest key dates, click here.

Different Roles

There are different roles that can be allocated to you, or your teams, within QuartzWeb and they have different levels of access to data depending on whether they need to add, view, amend or withdraw records or materials.

Individuals can have more than one role – and it’s quick and easy to switch between roles if this is the case.

The restricted ‘permissions’ for each role should support your own ‘work-flows’ – and data protection compliance.

More detail on the different roles and their functionality can be found here.

Setting up a new Administrator – a Lead Administrator can set up a new Administrator within their own centre by selecting ‘Contact Manager’ in the ‘Centre Management’ tab.  Adding a new contact for the centre automatically generates an EUSR ID

Only Approved Trainers can download delivery support materials, tests and answers for SHEA, NWH and SCO.

*Please note, if you haven’t already, you will need to appoint a ‘Lead Administrator’ for your organisation – this is the individual who has the authority to add or amend a main site and allocate Administrator roles to your team – to find out how to notify us click here.

Schemes in QuartzWeb

Registration for most schemes will be submitted in QuartzWeb, however, registration on a small number of schemes will remain paper-based.  Find out which schemes are staying paper-based for registrations here

Information Collected for EUSR  Registration

You will need the following information for each individual you submit for registration on EUSR:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of Birth
  • Employer name (for Smart Metering only)
  • The following information is not mandatory, but it is highly recommend that it is obtained and submitted for each individual:
  • Employer name
  • Email address (personal or work) We recommend you request this because an email address is required for individuals to access their registration history – EUSR only lists current ‘live’ registrations – and Reference Indicator information if relevant (eg Smart Metering or Gas Competency and Capability Scheme); The email address is the link to the individual because registrations are valid regardless of changes in the employer. An email address also helps us in establishing identity if the individual loses their EUSR ID card and needs a replacement.

See here for our privacy notices

Audit requirements – paperwork to be retained

Now that registrations are processed online, we have made changes to the documentationthat should be retained for audit purposes.  Details of which records are mandatory for you to keep can be found here

SHEA and National Water Hygiene Only

No more Cover Notes

Energy & Utility Skills has been working hard to reduce the risk of fraud and malpractice within our own sector as well as with other card issuers.  As a result of this, we will no longer be issuing any Cover Notes.

Registrations will appear in EUSR as soon as they have been verified – EUSR ID cards will be turned around within 48 – 72 hours.

You still have 28 days to register individuals on QuartzWeb – from the date the training or assessment took place – however, as Cover Notes are no longer issued, this does mean the individual’s EUSR registration will not be visible to any employer or Site Manager until the registration is input onto QuartzWeb – and made ‘live’ after we have validated the photograph.

Booking courses in advance

You will still need to pre-book a course in advance – we will then allocate a question paper for the specific course. You will not be able to book a course more than 28 days in advance.

Question Papers and Answers

Can only be downloaded by Approved Trainers in QuartzWeb – and no more than 72 hours before the course date.

No more ‘extraordinary circumstances’ courses

You can book or schedule training ‘on the day’ of the training.

You enter test results (i.e. Pass or Fail) directly into QuartzWeb – no need to send in Answer Sheets – though you will need to retain for audit purposes for the duration of the registration period.  (NOTE: The exception to this is for new National Water Hygiene (2019) when Approved Trainers must send into EUSR Support the answer sheets for their first three tests/assessments)

Attendance Registers

We don’t require you to submit any attendance registers to us – though we do require you use them and may ask to see them during an audit.  There is an exemplar attendance register for you to use, should you wish, which is downloadable from within the Resources section in QuartzWeb.

Invoicing and Payments

We have made some changes on payment and who we will invoice.  You must provide a purchase order number when creating a Batch for registration unless the Batch has been pre-paid (by debit or credit card over the phone) – in which case you will need to state ‘pre-paid’ and the date it was paid in the Batch’s Purchase Order field.

We will invoice you direct for all registrations you submit in QuartzWeb with couple of exceptions to this:

  1. If the customer you are delivering training for is an existing Energy & Utility Skills approved provider, and there is a signed Tri-Partite Agreement in place between yourself and the approved provider, we can invoice the provider direct. For more information on Tri-Partite Agreements see here.
  1. If we have invoiced an organisation who is not an approved provider in the last 12 months, we can invoice the customer direct. Note, for any organisations we have not invoiced in the last 12 months, we will need an email from a Director or senior manager in the organisation confirming that you can book courses, create batches and submit registrations in their name.

NOTE: when you are booking courses or submitting batches, you must make sure you are using the correct role and organisation name within QuartzWeb. You can switch roles very easily from within the landing page in QuartzWeb – select the role and associated organisation from the dropdown list, all roles and associated organisations you hold will be listed.

Find Out More

If you have any queries or questions relating to QuartzWeb or the transition from our paper-based registration system, please contact EUSR Support. We are available Monday – Friday, 8.00am – 5.00pm, via email eusr@euskills.co.uk or tel: 0121 745 1310 (option 1).