On 4 March 2019 we are going live with QuartzWeb, a new registration system that will allow us to improve efficiency and the service we offer our trainers and providers – especially the all-important card-turnaround times. QuartzWeb is a tried and tested system in the world of education and skills and is used already by many awarding, certification and professional bodies. The ability to search the register 24/7 via www.eusr.co.uk will still be there.

Workshops, training and support

With the launch of EUSR’s new registration system, QuartzWeb, Energy & Utility Skills will be hosting a series of regional workshops in January, February and March to introduce users to the new system. To find a free regional workshop and book a slot please click here.

We will have a series of bitesize ‘How to’ videos available on our website soon and we are also producing a very detailed Technical User Guide.

Our User Guide can be found by clicking here. This User Guide will be updated on a very regular basis, make sure you are looking at the most up-to-date version.  Any feedback on this User Guide would be welcomed – if you think we should expand on a topic, or include new topics, please email us at eusr@euskills.co.uk.

The main changes – and the impact they will have – are as follows:

Paperless – registration data will be entered directly onto QuartzWeb:

  • You won’t have to complete registration forms by hand and post, along with any evidence, to us:
  • No more printing incorrect cards because we have read the name incorrectly
  • No more postal delays or lost post
  • Improved security of personal data
  • Photographs are uploaded directly into QuartzWeb

Once a registration is ‘live’, target card turnaround time will be 48 hours.

Uploading supporting evidence for approval of additional schemes:

  • We will validate this evidence and then make the registration ‘live’

No more ‘Fast Track’ – all registrations are ‘live’ as soon as they are on the system

Bulk Registrations – more than one individual at a time

  • Quick and easy via excel or CSV file upload – including photos and scheme evidence
  • Registrations must be uploaded within 28 days of delivery of the training or assessment

Hierarchy of access – you will allocate ‘roles’ to your team on an individual by individual basis

  • Each ‘role’ will have different ‘permissions’ or ‘functionality’ – you will be able to assign your staff to the most appropriate role dependent upon whether they need to add, view, amend or withdraw records or download materials
  • You will need to appoint a ‘Lead Administrator’ for your organisation – an individual who has the authority to allocate roles to your team or maybe add a satellite delivery address – usually the individual who signs any agreements with us
  • Individuals can have more than one role – it’s quick and easy to switch between roles if this is the case
  • The restricted role permissions should support your own ‘work-flows’ – and data protection compliance

Access to ‘Work-Flows’ – we remind you if you need to ‘do’ something

  • Once logged in, you can see where your registrations are in any work-flow in ‘live-time’ – 24/7
  • Automated emails will inform you if you need to complete or finish an activity

Invoicing – no more ‘third-party invoicing’

  • You will be asked to provide a PO number at the point of registration – if a Batch has been pre-paid (for example, some providers or trainers pay by credit card over the phone) then this will be recorded as ‘pre-paid’ at the point of registration
  • We will only invoice the approved provider or trainer who is creating the registration – we will no longer be billing third parties or the end user customers
  • You will have control over your own invoicing and credit control

Changes to SHEA and National Water Hygiene only

No more Cover Notes

  • Reduce the risk of fraud as cover notes don’t have a photograph
  • Registrations will appear on the EUSR as soon as they are entered and EUSR ID cards will be turned around within 48 hours
  • You still have 28 days to register individuals on QuartzWeb – from the date the training or assessment took place – however, as Cover Notes are no longer issued, this does mean the individual’s EUSR registration will not be visible to any employer or Site Manager until the registration is input onto QuartzWeb
  • Note: Cover Notes are not usual custom and practice with accreditation or awarding bodies because of the potential for malpractice

Booking courses in advance

  • You will still need to book a course in advance – we will then allocate a question paper for the specific course
  • You will not be able to book a course more than 28 days in advance

Question Papers

  • Can be downloaded from QuartzWeb – but no more than 48 hours before the course date.

No more ‘extraordinary circumstances’ courses

  • You can book or schedule training ‘on the day’ of the training

No more ‘Trainer Devices’ or 32 character license keys

  • Fewer firewall issues – training and support materials can be downloaded directly from QuartzWeb

You enter test results (i.e. Pass or Fail) directly onto QuartzWeb – no need to send in Answer Sheets – though you will need to retain for audit purposes

Attendance Registers

  • We don’t require you to complete and submit any attendance registers to us – though of course you may still choose to do this for your own purposes
  • Any additional information currently gathered via an attendance register will be entered directly in QuartzWeb at the time of inputting an individual’s details

Find Out More

If you have any queries or questions relating to the new EUSR registration system, please contact EUSR Support. We are available Monday – Friday, 8.00am – 5.00pm, via email eusr@euskills.co.uk or tel: 0845 077 99 22.