Accessing QuartzWeb

Browsers & Devices

A browser is an application that is used to access the internet. Depending on the make and model of your device, there are various different browsers that you can use to access QuartzWeb. Although QuartzWeb is accessible through any desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet device – your experience will vary depending on which browser you are using. Some of the most popular browsers include:


Which one are you using? (see icons above) 

Our recommendation: Chrome offers the best user experience for QuartzWeb, although it can be accessed through most web browsers. Internet explorer should NOT be used to access QuartzWeb. Internet Explorer is no longer supported by QuartzWeb; not only will connection speeds be slow, but users will experience reduced functionality when using this browser. If you are currently using Internet Explorer as your browser, we recommend switching to another. To quickly and easily download Chrome to your desktop or laptop, click here.

System Speed

As a web-based system, internet speed can hugely impact the performance of QuartzWeb. Do you know your download* and upload* speeds?

*Download speed: this is the speed in which data is transferred to your device from the internet. This includes things such as streaming films/videos online and internet banking.

*Upload speed: this is the speed in which data is transferred from your device to the internet. This includes things such as sending emails or uploading documents/photos to a website.

Users can check both their internet upload and download speed using a number of free third party websites (we have listed some below). Please note, it is normal for your download speed to be much faster than your upload speed. Internet service providers generally set this format because most people need to download information more than they upload.

Please use one of the websites below to check your own upload and download speed:

If your upload speed is below the recommended speed for QuartzWeb to operate then we recommend you contact your internet service provider or IT team.


If you are a user of QuartzWeb, and have not yet completed the short survey on your experience of the system, we would greatly appreciate you taking the time out to do so.

All feedback submitted in the survey is anonymous and will help inform our regular reviews and optimisations of the system.

To complete the survey, simply click here.