National Grid Electricity Contractors

About the Scheme

This scheme operates to satisfy the requirements of National Safety Instruction (NSI) 30 “Appointment of Persons”. This procedure describes the process for the appointment of individuals of both company and non-company personnel under the National Grid Safety Rules. The training for non-company personnel is administered by National Grid’s Learning & Development Department based in Eakring, Nottinghamshire.

The appointments for this scheme are at the following authorisation levels:

  • Person (Substation & OHL)
  • Competent Person (Substation & OHL)
  • Authorised Person

Please refer to NSI 30 for the definitions and responsibilities. Further information is available through these Guidance Notes.

Records of appointments are held on the Energy & Utility Skills Register (EUSR) but will only be valid if a current BESC: AME card is held. A cover note will be issued to those who successfully pass assessments to allow time for the processing of registrations.

If you have any individuals who are not due a renewal of their authorisation and will be working in close proximity to high voltage equipment there will be an option for them to complete a stand-alone Impressed Voltage awareness e-learning package at a cost of £80 + VAT. This can be booked via the normal external training booking procedure using Booking Form D.

Further information can be also obtained referring to the Safety Bulletin (Safety Bulletin SB 409).

Anyone taking training and assessment to become a Competent Person for the first time is required to bring evidence of their 9 days of work experience by completing the form contained in Appendix D of NSI30. You will find a copy of this form and updated NSI30 Training Guidance document on the Document Page of this site.

Additionally anyone taking training and assessment for Safety Rule Romp, NSI 2- Earthing High Voltage Equipment, NSI 4- Work on or Near High Voltage Overhead Lines or NSI 9- Testing High Voltage Equipment, will need to bring evidence of the course pre-requisites by completing the NSI Authorisation Evidence Form for Contractors, available on the Document Page.

From 1 September 2019 all delegates are required to present valid photographic ID at all training sessions and assessments to confirm identity. Acceptable forms of ID include passport & driving licence.

Please refer to joining instructions for full details.

From 1st November 2019, all additional modules added to an Electrical Competent Person booking (e.g. NSI 2, ROMP), including refreshers, will be chargeable. You will be charged the full cost of the module in addition to the cost of the Competent person training.

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Please note: EUSR staff are unable to assist with queries relating to this scheme.

For any queries regarding the National Grid Electricity Contractors scheme, please contact the National Grid External Training team by phone: 01623 872602 or email: