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Frequently Asked Questions from contractors about Competent Person courses.

If I fail my Competent Person refresher, do I still retain a Person authorisation?

Only if this authorisation is shown on the EUSR website or you hold a valid cover note. This means that you will have passed a Person assessment within the last 3 years.

If I fail my Competent Person refresher and still have time remaining on my current Competent Person authorisation, will this remaining time still be valid?

No. you must prove competence in all areas of the Competent Person course to retain the Competent Person authorisation, therefore if you fail your Competent Person course your current authorisation will be removed immediately (on the day of the course).

What preparation do I need to do before coming on a Competent Person training course?

For those who are completing Competent Person for the first time you need to have completed Person and BESC training and assessment and complete your record of 9 day experience – see next question.

How do I record my 9-day experience for Competent Person?

You need to record your experience on the form in appendix D of NSI 30 which you can directly access here. Remember to bring your completed form to your training.

How do I gain additional Safety Rule or NSI Authorisations?

ROMP, NSI 2, NSI 4 & NSI 9 pre-requisites can found within NSI 30 and evidence of which recorded on the NSI Authorisation Evidence Form for Contractors. This can be downloaded from the Documents page of this site.

What if I lose my cover note?

The answer is simply “don’t”. The cover notes have unique numbers which link to EUSR registrations. We cannot issue duplicates. Individuals need to look after them carefully. If you arrive on site without your cover note the SAP will find it extremely difficult to check your authorisation and your work will be delayed.

Can my delegates complete the NSI 30 Competent Person courses if they are unable to read and write in English?

Individuals with little or no English can complete the Person course if they arrange for an interpreter to attend the course with them. They CANNOT complete the Competent Person course as they need to be able to read and understand the content of the safety document when onsite in order to become a Competent Person.

What do I do if my delegate has learning difficulties?

Any learning difficulties need to be made clear at time of booking by contacting the Administration team. If this is done we will make additional arrangements to facilitate the training. This might be to get an extra facilitator on the day.

If Competent Person (Overhead Lines) has a need for NSI 6 and NSI 8, is it acceptable for a booking to be made to just do these 2 modules, i.e. no need to do the safety rules and document procedures again?

No, these courses are  separate entities and must be taken in full.

What do I need to do if my delegate passes 3 modules and fails 1 on a Competent Person course?

You can re-book to just do the 1 module required. This must be within 8 weeks of the initial booking. If successful, the Competent Person appointment will run from the date of the re-take.

How long do I need to wait before I can get on a Competent Person course?

The dates are published on the EUSR website. In busy times the waiting list may be as long as 3 weeks.

What is the structure of the training and assessment?

There is an electronic assessment which follows each module of training. The training and assessments are not completely separate; each module has its own assessment which is completed before starting a new module.

If my Competent Person authorisation has lapsed, do I need to do Person training before being allowed to renew by Competent Person authorisation?

It is now a requirement for all to have a valid NG Person authorisation before taking CP, however for delegates that can prove they have previously held CP there is no need to provide the 9 day evidence.

Where can I find dates of the training courses?

Look under the Training Calendar link on the National Grid Electricity Contractors page. The dates and venues of the courses are published there.

Is Impressed Voltage a new authorisation?

No, this is information provided to contractors so they are made aware of the dangers of Impressed Voltages.

If I am not due to attend my refresher soon, do I need to carry out this awareness training?

If you are due to work in close proximity or adjacent to HV equipment, there is an optional awareness course which you can book via our booking page, if you need further information you should speak with the SAP or contract lead before starting work for specific job/site advice.

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For any queries regarding Competent Person and Authorised Person training and assessments, please contact the National Grid External Training team by email: or phone: 01623 872602.