Safe Control of Operations (Northern Ireland)

About the Scheme

This Bespoke Programme was developed in collaboration with Phoenix Natural Gas, T4S Training Services, Northern Ireland gas network owners and representatives of the major contracting organisations.

Safe Control of Operations (NI) – SCO (NI) – consists of one programme and is specifically tailored to meet individual operational competence requirements. The method for determining whether an individual can be registered as a Competent Person or an Authorising Engineer will is initially based on the assessments completed and at the discretion of the Networks’ Responsible Engineer. The Employer’s Responsible Engineer(s) must ensure a person’s role (e.g. Authorising Engineer) is correctly identified. The category issued on the card will reflect the selection made on the registration form.

Registration on EUSR

SCO (NI) registration is valid for 5 years.  For re-registration on EUSR, individuals must be re-assessed to ensure that they have maintained their specific knowledge in areas such as “Permits to Work” as well as kept up-to-date on underpinning knowledge in areas such as new policy and legislation. Evidence is required for verification by EUSR that the individual has completed the relevant training and assessment for the registration category.

SCO (NI) registration does not confirm competence to carry out a task or particular role. It is designed to provide evidence that an individual has attended the relevant training course and demonstrated an appropriate level of knowledge and awareness.

Find Out More

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