Smart Metering Referencing Scheme (SMRS)

About the Scheme

This scheme, and all the rules of the scheme, is owned by the participating Meter Operators through the Smart Metering Reference Scheme Board, for which Energy & Utility Skills provides secretariat support.

The scheme was developed because there is a risk that an individual permitted to work on Smart Meter installations is found to have fallen far below the standard of the reasonably competent meter worker – in terms of their capability and/or competence – and they move between Meter Operators and contractors or sub-contractors without disclosing their competency history – posing a potential safety risk to themselves, their colleagues and the public.

The SMRS provides a solution to this risk as Meter Operators and contractors or sub-contractors are able to check an individual’s record and the presence, or not, of a Reference Indicator prior to their employment on Smart Meter installations as part of the recruitment process.

Only a Gas Safe or MOCoP accredited Meter Operator is allowed to participate in this scheme, whether they are the energy supplier appointed Meter Operator or a contractor or sub-contractor of the energy supplier appointed Meter Operator. If a contracted or sub-contracted Meter Operator is not Gas Safe or MOCoP accredited, then the contracting Gas Safe or MOCoP accredited Meter Operator must operate the scheme on their behalf.

A Reference Indicator is placed against an individual’s record when they have been found to have fallen far below the standard of a reasonably competent Smart Meter worker (see below standards) – and one or more of the standards has not been met and a Capability and/or Competency Finding is made.

     Power specific standards:

  • Reverse Polarity or Cross Polarity left on metering or associated equipment
  • Any loose connections that are on metering or associated equipment
  • Any exposed conductors found on metering and / or the associated equipment

     Gas specific standards:

  • Any gas escape that is identified as a consequence of a meter installation. Where the escape is outside the permitted tolerance of a tightness test
  • Any CO poisoning by an appliance not identified at the point of meter change that led to death, loss of consciousness or required hospital treatment

     General standards:

  • Any serious breach of health and safety rules that endangers the lives of, or may cause serious injury to self, colleagues or third parties, as would be reportable under RIDDOR

A Reference Indicator against an individual’s record does NOT prohibit an individual from working for a Meter Operator, it ensures a Meter Operator can make an informed recruitment decision

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