EUSR launches virtual cards

The change reduces plastic use, increases security, and speeds up the checking of registrations

From today [Monday 14 February], all new EUSR registrations will be issued with a virtual card instead of a plastic card.

Phil Beach CBE, Chief Executive of Energy & Utility Skills, said:

“We’re proud to announce the launch of our new virtual EUSR registration cards. Energy & Utility Skills is making a significant investment in the latest market-leading technology to reduce plastic use, playing our part alongside employers in the energy and utilities industries in the drive to net zero. Our new virtual cards will be issued and updated swiftly and securely and help to reduce identity theft and fraud.”

The new virtual card is a record of an individual’s active EUSR registrations. Instead of carrying a plastic card, individuals will download an app called Vircarda to their smartphone or tablet which will display a digital EUSR card.

Virtual EUSR cards will be readable by CSCS’ new Smart Check app to gain access to CSCS controlled sites from 1 April, and on other sites from today by downloading a free checking app called Checarda, which checks cards quickly with one scan of a QR code. An individual’s details can still be checked manually by entering them on the EUSR register search, available 24/7 on the EUSR website.

The Vircarda and Checarda apps both work offline so they can be used at sites with no mobile signal, making card checking more secure.

All new EUSR registrations will be issued with a virtual card. Mobile phone numbers are now required when submitting registration applications to send secure login details and download links for the virtual card to individuals, via SMS message.

Individuals without a smartphone or tablet can request a new plastic smart card for a small additional fee which contains a chip that is also readable by the checking apps.

Individuals with an existing EUSR registration who provide their mobile number to EUSR by Friday 4 March will receive a free virtual card by 31 March, that can be used instead of, or alongside, their existing plastic card.

Employers, training providers and individuals can find out more about what this means for them at