Evero Energy and 3t embrace EUSR Supervisory Skills Training Programme

Last year EUSR launched the Supervisory Skills Scheme as a response to the needs of the utilities sector. The scheme, developed in collaboration with industry leaders, is aimed at employees who are responsible and accountable for the work of a team.

Consisting of seven units, including ‘Supervising a Team’ and ‘Situational Management’, the scheme will give individuals a strong understanding of the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be successful in their roles, alongside techniques on handling conflict management and optimising team performance.

Unlike many other supervisor schemes on the market, where individuals are required to write lengthy assignments to pass, the EUSR training programme is delivered in the classroom and on-the-job. The use of a portfolio of evidence for assessment purposes means individuals can demonstrate their knowledge and competence in their actual working environment, making it much more meaningful for them, and their employers – as opposed to their ability to write lengthy assignments.

 3t, previously 3t Energy Group until a recent re-brand, who acquired UCT (Utilities and Construction Training) in November last year, a leading utilities training provider, was the first company to be approved by EUSR to deliver this training programme. With a commitment to being the UK’s number one training provider for the energy sector, the inclusion of this training programme in its portfolio will support 3t’s future growth in this area. It will also ensure the future of the energy and utility industries workforce by upskilling and reskilling individuals.

Tom Beetham MIGEM, Head of Employer Engagement for 3t said, “As the first Training Provider to gain approval from EUSR, we are delighted to offer this training programme to our customers and clients. I strongly believe that attaining a Supervisory Skills programme allows team leaders, aspiring managers and first line managers the opportunity to continually develop their careers alongside their personal aspirations.”

Already benefitting from 3t’s specialist offering is Evero Energy, previously known as Bioenergy Infrastructure Group, a leading waste-to-energy company. Evero are leading the charge for the circular economy by diverting a million tonnes of waste and waste wood from landfills annually, repurposing it to provide low carbon electricity to over 100,000 homes.

Shift Managers at Evero play a critical role for the productivity and effectiveness of its facilities. The company recognised the benefits of further developing their Shift Managers, to support them in making informed decisions whilst managing their teams in line with the company’s values.

The introduction of the EUSR Supervisory Skills Scheme couldn’t have come at a more opportune moment. The training programme not only aligned with the company’s unique needs, but they also liked that it has an emphasis on demonstrating competence, rather than relying solely on theory and written assessments.

EUSR is nationally recognised as setting the training standards for the energy and utilities sector, and 3t is known globally as a leader for high-impact training and learning technology across the energy and wider safety-critical sectors, so Evero is confident the content and knowledge requirements of the training programme meets their needs. Following the completion of the scheme, their Shift Managers will also receive an EUSR Registration, meaning they can quickly verify that they’ve been through high quality training if working across Evero’s locations.

All three businesses have embraced the new EUSR Supervisory Skills Scheme and as Evero’s first cohort embarks on their learning journey, we look forward to hearing more as they increase their skills and confidence.

To learn more about the Supervisory Skills Scheme, visit our dedicated scheme page.