HSP Training transforms supervisory skills with EUSR scheme

Last year HSP Training, a leading health and safety training provider, became the second organisation approved to deliver EUSR’s Supervisory Skills Scheme. The business has now delivered several modules to Morrison Water Services (MWS), a part of M Group Services Water Division, and participants are already embedding their learning into their day-to-day roles.

Since its establishment in March 2022, HSP Training has been a strong advocate of EUSR. The business fortified its commitment by becoming an approved training provider right from the outset as Co-founder Andrew Pattenden drew from his positive experiences with EUSR in his previous role.

HSP Training’s initial awareness of the Supervisory Skills Scheme came through Morrison Water Services, one of its key customers actively involved in the scheme’s development. Their strong relationship with both Morrison Water Services and EUSR resulted in them being invited to the launch event and marked the beginning of their journey with the scheme.

In October 2023 HSP Training’s other Co-founder, Robert Treadaway, delivered the first module of the scheme ’The Role and Responsibilities of a Supervisory’ to a diverse range of participants from Morrison Water Services. This included both junior supervisors with minimal experience and senior supervisors with years of service.

“We were pleased to have a mix of candidates on the scheme as this helped provide a comprehensive understanding of the scheme’s impact on various roles. It also allowed us to get a rounded view of what we are currently delivering and will help us identify changes we can make to future sessions. So far, the feedback has been really positive, and Morrison Water Services employees have said they are already putting what they’ve learnt into their day-to-day roles,” said Robert.

The Supervisory Skills Scheme differs from other training programmes as individuals don’t need to write lengthy essays. Instead, the scheme integrates classroom and on-the-job learning, utilising a portfolio of evidence and allowing participants to display their competence within their actual working environment. This offers a more meaningful evaluation compared to traditional assignment-based assessments.

Robert added, “It did take two modules to shift everyone’s mindset from essay writing to building a portfolio, but now this approach is proving to be the preferred method, offering freedom, flexibility and making the scheme more accessible for all.” 

As well as embracing the alternative approach to assessments, HSP Training prefer the opportunity to customise the delivery of the scheme. While adhering to EUSR guidelines, the training provider can ensure that the training suits the specific needs of their customers. This includes the fact that each module of the scheme stands alone, allowing participants to be flexible in the order that they attend. This design, free from fixed dates, aims to make the scheme more accessible and convenient for customers.

Lawrence Summers, Executive Director at Morrison Water Services, said: “We are proud to be piloting this training programme and have received some great feedback, so far. This is a brilliant opportunity to develop our people and harness the incredible talent from across our business. 

 “The development of this programme solidifies the fantastic partnership between HSP, EUSR and Morrison Water Services and we are excited at the prospect of rolling out this programme across the rest of M Group Services in the future.” 

Co-founder Andrew Pattenden said, “We believe the scheme has great potential for every company that wants to support their supervisors to gain a wide range of soft skills that they don’t always learn. Other forms of training usually cover health and safety but very rarely touch upon how to actually supervise people. These soft skills will help them to be successful in their roles.”

The unique emphasis on soft skills has resonated strongly with participants and Robert noticed a heightened interest in this, especially in mental health. This highlights a gap in traditional training that this Supervisory Skills Scheme has successfully addressed.

Overall, the effectiveness of HSP Training in implementing EUSR’s Supervisory Skills Scheme is evident in the positive impact it has already had on participants. We are looking forward to seeing further progress with the remaining modules.

To learn more about the Supervisory Skills Scheme, visit our dedicated scheme page.