National Water Hygiene – ‘Blue Card’ – launches video on the importance of good water hygiene practices

Energy & Utility Skills launches a video to raise awareness of the importance and promotion of good water hygiene practices across the UK water industry.

Water is crucial to our daily lives.

It is vitally important that the same high standards of hygiene practice required in food production are maintained in the water production process.

Water companies in the UK are responsible for protecting public health, by producing and delivering clean, clear and safe drinking water. These water companies are regulated by the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) for England and Wales, the DWI for Northern Ireland and the Drinking Water Quality Regulator (DWQR) for Scotland, who have the power to fine these companies and individual workers.

If you or your employee enters clean water sites or works on the clean water network – known as ‘Restricted Operations’ – you must hold a National Water Hygiene registration to demonstrate an understanding of good water hygiene practices.

The National Water Hygiene (‘Blue Card’) scheme plays a vital part in ensuring the protection of public health and promoting safe drinking water practices.

Water companies across the UK mandate National Water Hygiene registration for all individuals working on ‘Restricted Operations’. 

Marcus Rink, Chief Inspector, DWI said,

‘A competent workforce is fundamental to the delivery of safe clean drinking water.  The National Water Hygiene Scheme provides knowledge and awareness of the public health implications to those working on water supply systems and enables water companies and contractors to demonstrate their commitment to a public health culture’.

You can also check the online register to ensure you, or someone you are working with, hold a valid National Water Hygiene registration.

Good hygiene practices work. Following them, has been proven to prevent contamination, prevent the spread of disease and maintain the quality of drinking water.

Visit to watch the video and for more information or contact the EUSR Support team on or telephone: 0121 745 1310 (select option 1)