Energy & Utility Skills to Exhibit Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness (SHEA) Schemes at Utility Week Health & Safety Conference

Energy & Utility Skills will be exhibiting at the Utility Week Health & Safety Conference on 1 November 2018. Come and talk to us about our Safety, Health & Environmental Awareness (SHEA) schemes.

The SHEA schemes were designed for all individuals involved in operational activities who require access to relevant sites. Each one consists of contextualised core learning plus industry-specific content, with assessment for each module. They cover the essentials of safety, health and environmental awareness in the water, gas, power, cross country pipelines, waste and resource management and telecommunications industries.

The entire SHEA portfolio has been redeveloped in 2018 to reflect the latest in training delivery methods and changing regulatory requirements. Successful completion of a scheme results in registration on the Energy & Utility Skills Register (EUSR) for SHEA in the relevant industry. Registrations are valid for between three and five years.

EUSR is the online register that contains the training and skills records for individuals working in the energy and utilities sector. Launched and operated by Energy & Utility Skills, EUSR has undergone a rebrand which includes a redeveloped website that has been optimised for mobile and tablet users, is easier to navigate and more user-friendly.

Completion of a SHEA scheme also allows access to CSCS-controlled sites for utilities work.

The Utility Week Health & Safety Conference is an annual event, which will include lectures and panel discussions on topical issues with health and safety experts from sector employers, trade bodies and examiners.

Discounted entry to the Conference is available for Energy & Utility Skills members, using the exclusive discount code EUS15.

For more, visit the SHEA page , or email