Changes to our approval processes

Over the last 10 months we have been working closely with employers and key stakeholders in the sector to review, refine and develop our Quality Framework and quality assurance policies and processes.

They apply to all organisations who want to deliver one of our schemes or programmes, or get their own training programmes endorsed by us, and ensure that training is delivered to our quality standard.

Energy & Utility Skills Quality Framework

Our new Quality Framework lays out our approach to quality assurance when approving providers, whether an independent training provider, college, or an employer who delivers in-house training. Reliability and consistency of training outcomes means employers value learners’ achievements – as well as supporting transferability across organisations and roles within our sector.

It’s straightforward and very easy to understand; it lays out our benchmark for best practice and will be used for all future approvals, on-going monitoring and audits.

Provider approval is not time-bound and approval will be maintained through on-going monitoring and audits and providers already approved by Energy & Utility Skills will not need to go through the approval process again.

Our new provider approval process removes the grading system previously used – Gold, Gold Minor, Gold Major and Platinum. There is now only one status, ‘approved’. This ensures there is a common and consistent approach to planning, delivery and assessment across our sector for all types and sizes of organisations.
All providers, including those already approved, will be required to sign a Provider Agreement which lays out our generic, non-scheme specific, standard terms and conditions.

We are also rebranding the provider approval certificates and will re-issue these in the next few weeks. You will see the end-date has been removed.

An existing service with a new name – ‘Endorsed Training Programme’

Our ‘Endorsed Training Programme’ replaces what we used to call ‘Product Approval. We think the new name better reflects its purpose. It’s an excellent way for you to demonstrate that you take quality assurance seriously. Employers can be confident that your training programme is of the highest standard.

Getting your training programme endorsed

We can endorse training programmes that map against industry or qualification standards and the endorsement process is very easy and hasn’t changed – you just need to complete a Self-Assessment Report (SAR) and submit, along with appropriate evidence. Before we can endorse your training programme, you will need to have been delivering it for at least three months. You’ll also need to become an approved provider – if you aren’t one already – and will be subject to on-going monitoring and audits.

For more information or if you have any queries, please email