SHEA (Waste & Resource Management) Updated Course Content

The newly launched SHEA (Waste & Resource Management) passport training scheme is the first in a planned series of EUSR updates.

The newly launched SHEA (Waste & Resource Management) passport training scheme is the first in a planned series of EUSR updates.

The course content has been updated in consultation with learning and development experts and representatives from across the industry to ensure the programme reflects the specific needs of the waste industry. The latest edition of the material takes on board existing trainer’s recommendations as well as, utilising the Energy & Utility Skills systematic approach to training, ensures processes and guidance supporting the scheme are robust and reflects current best practice thinking.

The updated training scheme has, among many things; reset the overall programme’s learning outcomes to ensure they directly meet and are bespoke to the needs of the waste industry, and updates the course delivery materials to ensure that they offer an inclusive learning experience that includes interactive modules, updated presentation imagery to accommodate all learning styles.

Please be aware that this revised SHEA (Waste & Resource Management) course content will replace the current course in its entirety from 1 April 2017.

To become a SHEA Waste & Resource Management trainer, please email Energy & Utility Skills at