Domestic CCTV Inspection


The Domestic CCTV Inspection programme has been designed to provide individuals with the knowledge to carry out domestic drainage CCTV inspection surveys and to correctly code and classify defects and observations in accordance with British and European standards.

Upon completion of the course, individuals will:

  • Have an understanding of the domestic drainage coding structure as outlined in the Manual of Sewer Condition Classification 5th Edition (MSCC5).
  • Be able to recognise and classify defects in accordance with MSCC5 to provide accurate and objective inspection reports.
  • Be able to classify the condition of the pipe – i.e. Grade A, B or C.
  • Fully understand the ownership of the pipe that needs to be repaired.
  • Have an understanding of key dates and how they affect the changes in ownership and therefore, the responsibility for repair.
  • Have knowledge of associated bodies and their roles.
  • Be able to identify the different types of drains – i.e. public, private, sewer etc.
  • Have awareness about drainage misconnection problems and the potential consequences.
  • Have an appreciation of the different techniques for clearing a blockage.
  • Have an understanding of the classifications of work – e.g. fracture/blockage.
  • Be able to recognise the type of repair needed.
  • Have an understanding of good practice when using associated equipment, including the related health and safety risks and how they must be dealt with.
  • Have an understanding of the reason for selecting a particular repair technique – e.g. cost effectiveness.
  • Have an appreciation for the varying risks involved in using particular techniques.

Target Audience

The target audiences for this programme are domestic drainage engineers and surveyors.


The individual will need to be working in a role associated with domestic drainage repairs and CCTV inspection surveys. They may not actually be carrying them out themselves, but they need an understanding of the coding principles and the correct classification of condition grading in domestic drainage.


Registration is based upon successful completion of the course and is valid for 5 years.

Training Providers

This Endorsed Training Programme is operated by the National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC).

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