Mains Connection Drilling and Tapping Utilities Water Programme

Course Overview

This product is not directly mapped to the Safe Control of Mains Connections (Water) Scheme; it is an Endorsed Training Programme offered by Transform Managed Services Ltd.

The course lasts approximately half a day. A high proportion of time is allocated to practical instruction and learner demonstration. Starting at 0800hrs for up to a maximum of 8 individuals, the course outlines the background to this essential training package together with the key aspects of the equipment and the processes involved.

The course begins by covering the essentials of setting up a safe site in the correct location. It then runs through the stages of making a connection from start to finish. Having covered correct PPE and other essential pre-start actions, the course moves to a highly practical level with a tutor-led demonstration followed by supported practical completion of a mains connection on a non-pressurised mock up.

Every individual attempts the practical element and successful completion of the course links directly to this learning element. However, to gain a completion certificate, individuals must demonstrate a connection done under mains pressure which can be achieved on a pressurised mock-up or in a live site situation in the workplace with trainer attendance.

The benefits of this approach are:

  • Employer confidence that taught concepts have been proven in a realistic environment
  • Individuals perform real tasks but with competent support throughout
  • Reduced risk of harm for all concerned
  • Supports inclusivity and equality by adapting the assessment process to each individual’s workplace and environment

The content is delivered via a blend of techniques including a stand up presentation of text and images plus practical tuition, all of which is then assessed by structured distinct questions and answers in tandem with practical demonstration giving all types of individuals, whatever their learning style, the opportunity to achieve a pass result.

The course is aimed at anyone who works in the field on district water mains and may need to make 1/2″, 3/4″ or 1″ connection onto a live water main under typical pressures not exceeding 12 bar.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required for the session and detailed on the joining instructions, along with requirements for the venue and the learning environment generally.

Note the tutor/trainer will assist with recording vibration-monitoring data if required.

Main Contact: Mark Plackett
Telephone Number: 07774 318384 / 01332 813940
Email Address:


This course is provided by Transform Managed Services Ltd.


This course is suitable to the Water sector.

Programme Type

This course is an Upskilling Programme.

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