It is envisaged that the scheme will apply in a very small number of cases, where, following an open and fair decision-making process, an individual is found to have fallen far below the standard of a reasonably competent gas engineer. In such a case, a Competency and Capability Reference will be produced and will be indicated by the placement of a Reference Indicator against an individual’s record. Should an individual seek permission to work on a GT network, the EUSR website will be used as a point of contact via which, under strict controls, a ‘recruiting’ GT can seek the Competency and Capability Reference from a former GT. This reference can then be used as part of the ‘recruiting’ process in the normal way.

Having a Reference Indicator against one’s record under the scheme is not a prohibition on working on any network; rather it ensures a GT can make an informed decision about the competency and/or capability of those working on its assets. Transparency and openness is an important part of this process and an affected individual will be kept informed and given an opportunity to make representations before and during any relevant referral and/or recruitment decision. The scheme has both an independent appeal and a review process.

Each GT will participate and operate the scheme in its capacity as a GT with corresponding safety obligations. This process is separate and distinct from a GT’s role as an employer including any disciplinary process. The EUSR Referencing Scheme Board will be the collective decision making body for the GTs with regard to the management of the scheme.


This scheme has been developed that is:

  • Proportionate to address the significant health and safety concerns which have the potential to have serious impacts for individuals, colleagues and members of the public
  • Transparent, with all those affected being fully aware of the working of the system
  • Fair and consistent to the affected individuals
  • Controlled so relevant information is only accessible by a small and restricted number of individuals pre-authorised by the participating GTs who need to do so for the purpose of recruiting employees competent to work safety on the Distribution Gas Transportation system

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