Individual Impact


The scheme is operated by most of the distribution gas industry in association with EUSR. This scheme is to promote the safety of individuals, their colleagues and members of the public. For the vast majority of operatives the scheme will be invisible, but it will impact the very small number of operatives who do not meet appropriate standards of competency and capability.

The scheme only impacts individuals who have been demonstrated to have breached technical standards. It is however important that all those potentially affected by it are aware of it and in particular, that if the scheme were to apply to you then:

  • It would proceed, even if you did not engage with the process.
  • If you cease working on behalf of a participating Gas Transporter in circumstances when the scheme may apply, it is your obligation to ensure that you provide that Gas Transporter with up to date contact details at that time. Should an individual not co-operate with the process under the scheme or despite being written to at the last available address not be contactable, the scheme will proceed in any event.

Under the scheme, if an individual’s competency and/or capability falls far below the standard of the reasonably competent gas engineer based on the grounds listed below, they will have a Reference Indicator placed against their EUSR registration by the Gas Transporter (GT) on whose network they were operating.

An individual will only have a Reference Indicator placed against their EUSR registration under the scheme, if

  • The GT removes permission to work on its network in a current technical role, or,
  • The individual voluntarily ceases to work on the GT’s network in a current technical role.

A Reference Indicator will not however be placed if an individual continues to work on that Network as part of an action plan to improve and demonstrate competence; or if such an action plan is successfully completed.

If an individual who has a Reference Indicator placed against their EUSR registration works or seeks to work on a participating GT’s network, then that GT can seek details, via the EUSR website, of the previous “referring” GT, so a reference can be sought in the normal way. No individual, save those expressly authorised under the scheme will be able to view a Reference Indicator.

It is important to note that having a Reference Indicator is not a prohibition on working on a network; rather it ensures a GT can make an informed decision about the competency and capability of those working or seeking to work on its network. Transparency and openness is an important part of this process and an affected individual will be kept informed and given an opportunity to comment before any relevant decision making process.

Reasons for Referral

An individual could be referred by a GT to EUSR on one of the following grounds:

  1. “A failure to comply with the relevant Gas Transporter’s specified standards which could lead to death, major injury , or a major loss of supply and which resulted in the termination of employment via disciplinary action or had the potential to do so'”
  2. “Acts or omissions far below the standard of the reasonably competent gas engineer”

In respect of the above, an individual can have a Reference Indicator placed against their EUSR registration for committing a failure which, had they been an employee of a GT, would have resulted that action.

The following information may be used as part of any given referral:

  • Identification information (Name, EUSR number, date of birth, N.I Number)
  • Referring GT and title of individual who placed Reference Indicator
  • Date of referral
  • Which competency or competencies Reference Indicator relates to
  • If an appeal or review is pending
  • Date of any previous appeal or review
  • Individual informed of Reference Indicator and their options Y/N

Removing an Indicator

A Reference Indicator will be held on EUSR’s website for 10 years or until it has been removed, whichever is earlier. A Reference Indicator can be removed if:

  • An individual gains permission to work on a network, in circumstances which allows the recruiting GT to remove the Reference Indicator (such terms to be stipulated in writing at the time of recruitment by the GT). An individual may, for example, demonstrate to the GT that since the Reference Indicator was placed, training or performed work has been undertaken (which could occur before or after recruitment) to address the previous issue.
  • The individual successfully appeals against the original decision to place a Reference Indicator. This appeal could be either internal to a GT network or to an External Panel.
  • The individual is successful in having the finding reviewed by an External Panel. This review would be on the basis that the individual seeks to demonstrate that the previous deficiencies have been addressed by, for example, training, subsequent work which has been undertaken or other activities.

Ensuring Quality

The Gas Transporter and its servants or agents will undertake checks against the EUSR as part of the process outlined above.

The scheme operates on the basis of openness and co-operation and so any failure to provide correct information may lead to refusal or termination of employment, revoked permission to work on a GT’s network, and other appropriate action.

Find Out More

If you have any queries relating to this scheme or EUSR, please contact the EUSR Support team. We are available Monday – Friday, 8.00am – 5.00pm via email or tel: 0845 077 99 22.