Impressed Voltage Drain Earth (IVDE) [KEFAX]


This Endorsed Training Programme is provided by KeFax Ltd.

The training programme is for individuals to acquire knowledge of the requirements of Impressed Voltage Earthing and the specific issues related to avoiding danger from impressed voltages in a high voltage substation environment. Additionally, individuals will gain an understanding of National Grid’s procedure for the control of Impressed Voltages on HV Plants not subject to National Grid Safety Rules.

The programme comprises an initial one-day course with a one-day refresher/renewal required annually. To enable projects to be realised from conception through to delivery in the safest manner, nominated personnel have to be appointed to specific roles to the National Grid Procedure for Impressed Voltage working. This programme is focused upon National Grid Alliance and Contractors staff with a responsibility to plan, monitor and set to work individuals undertaking work on equipment not subject to the National Grid Safety Rules – but which is subject to impressed voltages. To ensure inclusivity this training programme is also made available to all contractors likely to be working in or adjacent to a high voltage environment.


The programme content will cover:

  • Definitions
  • What is Impressed Voltage?
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Authorisations and training requirements
  • Impressed Voltage Drain Earth Schedule
  • Practical application and removal of IVDEs
  • Transfer, Clearance and Cancellation of IVDE Schedule
  • Assessments
  • Review of Assessments
  • Authorisation appointments, Q&A, feedback, and closure session

Aims & Objectives

To provide individuals with sufficient knowledge and skills to work safely on High Voltage Plants that are not subject to the National Grid Safety Rules.

On completion of the course, individuals will be able to:

  • Understand the dangers from Impressed Voltages on High Voltage Plants not subject to the National Grid Safety Rules
  • Instruct the application of Impressed Voltage Drain Earths to guard against these voltages
  • Demonstrate how to safely apply Impressed Voltage Drain Earths to guard against these voltages


  • SHEA Power
  • NG Person and/or NG Competent Person
  • BESC: AME– Substations, Overhead Lines or Underground Cables


The programme is delivered over 1-day which includes theoretical classroom based training, practical training in a substation and assessments.

Target Population

National Grid contractors working on equipment subject to impressed voltages and/or equipment adjacent to high voltage environments where the equipment is not subject to National Grid Safety Rules.


Registration is based upon successful completion of the KeFax training programme and is valid for 1 year from the date of completion.

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