GDPR Update for Training Providers

The new EU wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on 25 May 2018. It replaces the current Data Protection Act 1998 and applies to all organisations regardless of size. GDPR extends and strengthens the rights of individuals.

Here at Energy & Utility Skills we have been working to ensure we are compliant and we are implementing a number of changes.

Personal information required for an EUSR registration

We have been reviewing the personal information we require to process a registration, bearing in mind we should only be processing the minimum amount of personal information.

We will only collect the following personal information: First name, last name, date of birth, employer name, email address, photograph, any scheme specific documentation or evidence required. We are deleting other personal information we have collected in the past.

Revised EUSR registration forms will be issued shortly, in the meantime please continue to use the existing registration forms – we will not process the personal information we no longer require.

Register search

The advanced register search fields are also being updated to remove the option of using an individual’s national insurance number. Please make sure that all individuals are aware of this as it is even more important that they carry their EUSR card.

New privacy notice

We have new privacy notices which replace our current privacy policy. We now have separate privacy notices for individuals, approved trainers and approved providers. These privacy notices detail further the personal information we collect and process, the reasons for processing , who we share personal information with and how long we keep personal information.

These have been uploaded to our website and can be found here.

Updated trainer terms and conditions

As a result of these changes we are also updating our trainer terms and conditions to ensure that both our responsibilities under GDPR are clear and these will be issued soon.

All approved trainers and providers must be compliant. One area we would like to highlight is the need for you to provide privacy notices to individuals when you collect their personal information, including the fact you will share their personal information with us at Energy & Utility Skills. We have some general guidance on privacy notices which may be useful, please contact us at to request this.