Updated Quality Framework, Provider Approval and Audit

Our Provider Approval and Quality Framework is the centre of our Quality Assurance process and effects any Provider Approval and Audits that we conduct.

We have recently amended the Quality Framework and updated and agreed the criteria internally in line with many of the changes we have seen with remote delivery and assessment processes.

We have had lots of feedback from our Provider’s and used our recent survey process to make the process a little better streamlined but with the same level of rigour.

We have mapped all the 17 current criteria of the Quality Framework that you are aware of,  into a new format with an improved written guidance that supplements new provider approvals. We aim to bring this process to life when the rebranding work has occurred.

The new process will not affect anything that our Approved Providers currently do, as mentioned in previous Trainer Provider Newsletters, the format and wording may change but it still carries over the same content from the previous version. There will still be 14 criteria, and some have been cross referenced in order to remove the duplication that many of the Approved Providers working with us are currently piloting the audit and approval process.

We are hoping the new format will be easier to understand and still provide the level of quality assurance expected from when we approve, audit and monitor our Approved Providers.

If you have any further questions around this subject area, please do not hesitate to contact the Quality Team directly and speak with your current EQA, who can show you the current drafts and discuss any of the content directly with you!