For holders of existing DOMS cards that are close to expiry there is a dedicated re-registration course. This can be run by all Approved DOMS trainers and is designed to provide an update for all DOMS practitioners. The course is expected to take approximately 4 hours to complete.

The re-registration course is standard and can be attended by any current holder of a DOMS card. It can be delivered simultaneously to holders of any combination of modules. Module 13 is a separate module for re-registration. The renewal course cannot be delivered to individuals who have not held the SW DOMS card issued by EUSR regardless of role or experience. After attending the re-registration course the individual will be re-registered for all modules and the DOMS card will show new expiry dates and a “Renewal” line on it.

In order to be issued with a DOMS renewal card, an individual must hold a valid National Water Hygiene registration.

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