Registration as an Assistant is intended for those individuals who are able to undertake the following activities:

  • Work as part of a team under the direction of a team leader
  • Work as an individual
  • Use personal protective equipment (PPE) properly and safely
  • Use hand tools in a safe and effective manner
  • Use power tools in a safe and effective manner
  • Care for and maintain tools and equipment
  • Meet work deadlines
  • Identify and select materials and components relevant to Network activities
  • Handle materials and components using accepted and safe methods and procedures
  • Follow instructions for maintaining a clean and secure workplace
  • Follow company guidelines and procedures for accident and emergency situations
  • Maintain personal cleanliness in accordance with best hygiene practice
  • Follow organisational policy on personal behaviour
  • Follow organisational requirements for current legislation and official guidance

An individual registered as an Assistant must have EUSR registration for both National Water Hygiene and Safety, Health & Environmental Awareness (SHEA) Water as a pre-requisite.

Evidence Requirements

The following evidence must be submitted (Note: please do not send in original certificates):

  • Certificate for qualification Level 1 Certificate in Network Construction Operations (Water)

Including the following units:

  • 101 – Assist in locating and avoiding supply apparatus and sub structures
  • 102 – Working under supervision, excavate holes and trenches in ground and pavement structures
  • 106 – Working under supervision, operate powered tools and equipment for network construction operations
  • 112 – Working under supervision, contribute to an efficient and effective work environment
  • 113 – Working under supervision, contribute to health, safety and environment in the workplace including hygiene
  • 114 – Working under supervision, assemble components to meet specifications for water network construction operations

Plus one from each of these groups:

  • Group 1:
    • 109 Assist in preparing resources and signing, lighting and guarding the area for highway works
    • 110 Assist in preparing resources and signing and guarding the area for site works
  • Group 2:
    • 107 Working under supervision, join polyethylene pipe by electrofusion welding
    • 111 Working under supervision, join polyethylene pipe by butt fusion welding

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