Leakage Detection & Control (Water)

About the Scheme

A registration on EUSR for our Leakage Detection & Control (Water) scheme provides Water Companies with assurance than an individual working to detect and control leakage has received appropriate training and assessment.

Maintaining the integrity of the water network is critical for water companies to reduce the amount of water lost through leakage. Leakage can occur where pipes are due for renewal and especially during times of bad weather causing pipes to freeze and burst. Leaks affect both the water companies and their customers leading to reduced water pressure and disruption and it is therefore essential that individuals involved in both detecting and controlling leakage have the appropriate knowledge and skills to make the correct decisions and take the correct actions.

There are two routes to registration:

Completion of an appropriate qualification or unit(s) – plus pre-requisites of a valid EUSR registration for SHEA Water and National Water Hygiene


Completion of an Energy & Utility Skills Endorsed Training Programme  – mapped to the relevant units within the qualification – plus pre-requisites of a valid EUSR registration for SHEA Water and National Water Hygiene

Qualification Route

Successful completion of either one of these qualifications can be used as evidence for registration on EUSR for Leakage and Detection (Water)

  • CABWI Level 2 Certificate in Leakage Detection
  • CABWI Level 3 Diploma in Leakage Control

Alternatively, if the full Level 3 qualification is not appropriate, an individual can complete whichever units are appropriate for their role:

Level 2

  • QHS01 Ensure your own actions reduce risks to health & safety in the water industry
  • QLDC202 Assess the configuration of the metered area on the water supply network
  • QLDC203 Trace the route of water pipes and locate surface fittings
  • QLDC209 Determine the location of water loss

Level 3

  • QLDC311 Evaluate data to identify potential water leakage
  • QLDC304 Determine leakage detection methods and techniques in response to water loss
  • QLDC305 Programme, deploy and collect data from data-logging equipment
  • QLDC306 Utilise and confirm performance of measuring equipment on the water distribution network
  • QLMNB5 Provide leadership for your team
  • QLDC310 Establish the integrity of a discrete area on the water distribution network
  • QLDC307 Carry out step-testing operations and re-commission the distribution network
  • QLDC308 Resolve leakage related issues with customers

Endorsed Training Programme Route

You can submit your own training programme for endorsement by Energy & Utility Skills as part of our Endorsed Training Programme service. The Endorsed Training Programme can cover one or more of the above units.  You will need to provide evidence that the content of your training programme maps to the appropriate unit qualification standards.

Registration on EUSR

Registration on EUSR is gained when the evidence for registration – and photograph – has been submitted and verified.

Registration on EUSR is paper-based* and a Batch Form and Registration Form and the appropriate evidence and photograph must be submitted to EUSR Support, Friars Gate, 1011 Stratford Road, Shirley, Solihull, B90 4BN or scanned and emailed to: eusr@euskills.co.uk.

*IMPORTANT NOTICE* Due to the current circumstances relating to Covid-19, we are unable to process any paper-based registrations at this time. Please email your registration form (and any evidence) to eusr@euskills.co.uk. The EUSR Support team will then be able to process as usual.

If you have any queries relating to this, please contact the EUSR Support team via email: eusr@euskills.co.uk or telephone: 0121 745 1310 (select option 1).

For Leakage Detection and Control (Water) registration on EUSR, the individual must hold a valid EUSR registration for SHEA Water and National Water Hygiene.


A valid NRSWA registration for Signing, Lighting & Guarding – gained after successful completion of Unit 1 Signing, Lighting and Guarding.

An EUSR registration for Leakage Detection and Control (Water) is valid for three years.

NOTE: EUSR ID cards display the endorsement ‘Leakage Detection & Control (Water)’ regardless of which registration route or the unit(s) completed; a list of the actual units successfully completed by an individual can be seen on their individual registration using the online EUSR search.

Re-Registration on EUSR

Re-registration for Leakage Detection and Control (Water) is achieved through an Employer Declaration.  The declaration must be signed by a Senior Officer of the employing company who must be in a position to make such a declaration.  Self-employed individuals – or Senior Officers – should obtain a declaration from a Senior officer on their last relevant contract. The re-registration is valid for three years either from the date of the expired category(ies).

Find Out More

If you have any queries relating to Leakage Detection and Control (Water) including the evidence requirements, please contact the EUSR Support team. We are available Monday – Friday, 8.00am – 5.00pm via email eusr@euskills.co.uk or tel: 0121 745 1310.