The Confined Spaces (Water) scheme relates to the national classifications of confined spaces in the water industry as defined by the Occasional Guidance Note (OGN).

Water companies may continue to use their own classifications and terminology to define confined spaces on their network, however the national classification will also be displayed or otherwise available.

Classification Definitions

  • NC1 Low risk, shallow entry with adequate natural or mechanical ventilation, where access is simple and unobstructed and there is no likely risk of flooding, e.g. meter pits, valve chambers, booster pumping stations, PRV chambers etc.
  • NC2 Vertical, direct, unobstructed access with continuous attachment to a man riding hoist or similar mechanical rescue device.
  • NC3 When it is not possible to have individuals permanently attached to a safety line. Usually it will be a team entry which moves away from the entry point, e.g. man entry sewers, utility service subway tunnels, aqueducts and complex wet wells. Working without an attached rescue line and includes working away from the point of entry
  • NC4 Non-standard entries involving complex operations which introduce additional risks and require specific controls and rescue arrangements e.g. mechanical hazards, physical complexity of system introduced hazards, enhanced specific intrinsic hazards.

Category Structure

The categories available for registration on EUSR are:

  • Working in Low Risk Confined Spaces (Water) – NC1 & NC2
  • Non-Entrant for Low Risk Confined Spaces (Water) – NC1 & NC2
  • Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces (Water) – NC3
  • Non-Entrant for Medium Risk Confined Spaces (Water) – NC3
  • Working in High Risk Confined Spaces (Water) – NC4
  • Emergency Rescue & Recovery from Confined Spaces (Water)

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