Hydrostatic Pressure Testing [TIS]


This Endorsed Training Programme is provided by Technical Innovation Servis.

The course is intended to guide operators and supervisors to deliver best and safe practice for Hydrostatic pressure testing within their industry. The course provides a clear, concise understanding of Hydrostatic pressure testing from service pipes to trunk Mains.

Aims & Objectives

The aim of this course is to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills to safely carry out Hydrostatic pressure testing procedures, and to identify the most appropriate tests for different materials.

Operative Course

This route will introduce you to the equipment required, Pumps, Data Logger, Fittings etc. You will be taught how to select the correct test pressure. Including conducting a practical pressure test in accordance with the highest industry standards in a safe manner.

Supervisor Course

This route covers the above without the practical and is suited to supervising Site Engineers/Project managers and focuses on the retrieval and analysis of Data Logged in line with IGN 4-01-03. Covering pressure decay curve, three point analysis and air content. The trainer will also advise on practicalities of observing the procedure on site how to ensure best practice is adhered to at all times in a safe and timely manner.


This course lasts for 1 – 2 days.


Individuals will be assessed by:

  • Written (multi choice)
  • Oral
  • Practical


Registration on EUSR is valid for 3 years from date of training.

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