Rapid Response Programme [LOMAX]


The Rapid Response Operative Programme has been designed by Lomax Training Services Limited. The programme aims to train operatives to work in gas emergency service operations.

There are 3 programmes which can be delivered depending on the current skills and experience of the individual:

3 Week Programme:

  • This programme is intended for individuals who hold gas safe/upstream qualifications. After completing the 3 weeks off-the-job training, the individual must undertake an on-the-job assessment at a time agreed with the client. This assessment must be conducted within 6 weeks of completing the off the job training. The programme does not require a portfolio, however all qualifications will be held at a central point with Lomax Training Services Limited.

17 Week Programme:

  • This programme is similar to the 3 week programme, however it is aimed at individuals with no experience of upstream natural gas. The intention of this programme is to give the individuals sufficient on-the-job training working alongside a competent person.

36 Week Programme:

  • This programme is intended for individuals who are new into the gas industry with little or no experience. The individual will undertake on/off-the-job training as they will be required to collect a range of evidence to ensure they meet the national standards. Additionally, the individual will be required to complete a portfolio of evidence.

Aims & Objectives

Upon completion of the programme, individuals will be able to meet national standards whilst operating on the gas networks.

Target Audience

The target audience for this programme varies from inexperienced to experienced individuals wishing to be recruited into the emergency gas service industry.


Individuals on the 3 and 17 week programmes must have prior gas safe qualifications and be able to provide evidence of certification.


Registration is based upon successful completion of the programme and is valid for 5 years.

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If you have a training package that you would like to be included within this registration family please view our Endorsed Training Programme approval page.

An Endorsed Training Programme is a training package that has been approved by Energy & Utility Skills as meeting its objectives. They are offered by private companies and any questions relating specifically to that training package should be directed to the appropriate provider.