Electrofusion Welding


This endorsed training programme is operated by Pragmatic Consulting


  • Understand the principles of Polyethylene (PE) Jointing (Electrofusion Welding)
  • Identify pipe and fittings and understand markings
  • Carry out Risk Assessment
  • Carry out pre-jointing checks
  • Make satisfactory joints
  • Inspect for and identify acceptable quality joints
  • Understand Traceability options

1 day classroom and practical hands on training and assessment by industry experts to improve standards within the gas and water industries associated with Electrofusion Welding.


The duration of this programme is 1 day.

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Contact: Amanda – 07747 740311 or 01926 674340 – Training@pragmatic-consulting.co.uk

An Endorsed Training Programme is a training programme that has been endorsed by Energy & Utility Skills as meeting its objectives. They are offered by private companies and any questions relating specifically to that training package should be directed to the appropriate provider.