HSG47 – Avoiding Dangers from Underground Services


This product is operated by Pragmatic Consulting Ltd.

Training is aimed at individuals operating on general construction sites on or near utilities, but outside of substations.

The course aims to enable individuals to:

  • Describe the problems associated with the use of cable avoidance equipment in a construction site.
  • State the requirements of HSG47.
  • Describe the dangers from underground services.
  • Describe the requirements for planning the work in accordance with HSG47.
  • Explain how plans and utility searches assist in the avoidance of underground services.
  • Describe the process for underground mapping.
  • State the requirements for safe systems of work in accordance with HSG47.
  • Explain how cable and pipe avoidance is achieved.
  • Describe the practices used to help ensure safe digging.
  • State the requirements for back filling.
  • Describe how alternative digging technologies can be used.
  • Describe how to deal with “the unknown service”.


The training is valid for 3 years with a refresher course giving a further validation period of 3 years.


Registration on EUSR is valid for 3 years from date of training.

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