Reminders for QuartzWeb Users

We have put together a list of reminders for QuartzWeb Users:

  • You must include photos and mobile numbers for individuals in a submitted batch. Without these we cannot issue the individual their EUSR plastic smart and virtual cards. It can also delay the processing of individuals’ results.
  • We would prefer if a submitted photo of an individual complies with the rules for digital photos for passports. But at a minimum the photo must be in focus and in colour. It must be of the individual’s head and preferably also of the shoulders. The individual’s eyes must be open and visible. The individual must not be wearing glasses in the photo unless they have to do so in which case the individual’s eyes must not be covered by the frame, glare, reflection or shadow. The individual must not wear a head covering unless it is worn for religious reasons.
  • When editing an individual’s photo on QuartzWeb the saved final version must not include borders. Borders appear when the photo is zoomed out beyond the guidance lines. Please refer to pages 19-20 of our QuartzWeb guide on how to edit a photo.
  • After you have edited and saved your photo, it is advised that you review your photo to see if the final version has any black borders. This can be done under the ‘Actions’ button in the drop down ‘Show ID photo’. If your photo has black borders these should be removed by re-editing your photo. Please refer to page 20 of our QuartzWeb guide for more information on reviewing your photo upload.
  • Mobile numbers must be submitted in the correct format. The correct format for a UK mobile number is 07999999999. It must start with a 0 (zero) followed by 10 other digits and should not include spaces, plus signs and brackets. The correct format for an international mobile number is the country code for example 0031 followed by the individual’s mobile number omitting the first 0 (zero) of their number for example 00319777777777. The whole number should not include spaces, plus signs and brackets.
  • We’ve introduced a new approach to missing information within a batch. We now email two reminders to submit missing photos, mobile numbers and other information we have requested for a batch. If after two weeks you haven’t provided the missing information, we will remove the individuals with the missing information and process the results of any remaining individuals. Doing this means there is no further delay and the remaining individuals are awarded sooner.
  • When ordering a replacement card, it would speed up the processing of your order if notes are included in the batch highlighting that the order is due to a name or photo change.
  • If you need a password reset on QuartzWeb, we won’t do this by email so please call us and we can reset your password for you over the phone.

Please contact us if there is anything you would like to ask about our reminders by emailing: