Energy & Utility Skills launches enhanced National Water Hygiene scheme, supporting water quality & safety standards

Energy & Utility Skills has today launched its redeveloped National Water Hygiene scheme focused on supporting drinking water quality and safety standards, in line with changing regulatory requirements.

The National Water Hygiene scheme – also known as the ‘Blue Card’ scheme – plays a vital part in promoting water hygiene and protecting public health. Sharing sector best practice, the water industry has worked alongside Energy & Utility Skills to completely redevelop the scheme’s design, structure and precise assessment criteria. The newly designed scheme includes interactive teaching tools that support different learning styles and a fit for purpose assessment which ensures ‘Blue Card’ holders are keenly focused on drinking water safety. Those who successfully complete training under the new scheme will be registered on the Energy & Utility Skills Register (EUSR), now powered by QuartzWeb as of this week. The innovative QuartzWeb platform will provide improved access for approved trainers and providers. It also includes easy-to-use tools, simpler navigation and delivers faster turnaround times, all while ensuring the EUSR platform continues to be available 24/7.

Nick Ellins, Chief Executive of Energy & Utility Skills, said:

“Energy & Utility Skills is committed to the safety of the public water supply and continually supports the sector with the provision and management of key industry schemes. We’re delighted to launch our redeveloped National Water Hygiene Scheme on our new QuartzWeb platform. Our extensive investments in both services demonstrate our continued commitments to the water sector and to ensuring a competent and skilled workforce. “With more and more individuals involved in the production of high-quality water for human consumption – contractors, facilities management organisations, environmental health practitioners, water engineers – it’s essential that ‘Blue Card’ holders are fully accredited and understand their responsibilities in protecting public health and public confidence in water quality. We’re pleased our relaunched scheme will deliver a common standard and the highest-quality training and assessment process in the industry.”

Milo Purcell, Deputy Chief Inspector of the Drinking Water Inspectorate, said:

“The Drinking Water Inspectorate welcomes this update to the Scheme, which covers a core competency for all those involved in the provision of water supply to the consumer’s tap. Participation in the Scheme helps promote high standards of hygiene and safety, ensuring that drinking water remains clean and safe, and that consumers are protected. “The updated National Water Hygiene Scheme is founded on the best practice enshrined in the water industry’s Principles of Water Supply Hygiene. It provides personnel in the sector with knowledge and awareness of the public health implications of their roles, and enables water companies and contractors working on water supply systems to demonstrate their commitment to the promotion of a public health culture in delivery of routine activities.”

The upgraded National Water Hygiene scheme is available to all employers, contractors and engineers from today. Holders are welcome to re-train under the new standard, even if their current registration is still valid. Existing ‘Blue Cards’ will remain valid until their expiration date.