Energy & Utility Skills has launched a new scheme to standardise the training received by operators of abrasive wheel equipment in the UK.

The Abrasive Wheels standard is designed to support the safety of individuals working with rotary grinding and cutting equipment, often used to shape materials such as metal or concrete.

According to HSE, currently available training courses offered by a number of organisations generally provide a certificate of attendance for the training, but not for competence with using the equipment.

Due to their power, design, and material, there is significant risk when operating grinding or cutting wheels. Sufficient training has been a requirement since the introduction of the Abrasive Wheels Regulations 1970 and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.

The Abrasive Wheels standard will require all trainees to demonstrate competence with the equipment as a requirement for completion.

All Approved Providers wishing to deliver the new scheme will need their training programme approved by Energy & Utility Skills.

Energy & Utility Skills endorsement of all current Abrasive Wheels training programmes will cease on 10th March 2023 after which EUSR registrations will only be processed against the new scheme.

The Abrasive Wheels Scheme Handbook will be available to training providers when they apply to deliver the scheme. Approved Providers can start the approval process for delivering this scheme by contacting the Quality Team and requesting a self-assessment report (SAR).

For more information about the new Abrasive Wheels scheme, please visit our website, or contact us.