CSCS Apprentice Card

The EUSR Apprentice card is issued free of charge and is for individuals registered on one of the following recognised apprenticeships.

  • Water Network Operative
  • Gas Network Operative
  • Dual Fuel Smart Meter Installer
  • Power industry distribution cable jointer
  • Power industry substation fitter
  • Power industry overhead lines person
  • Utilities Engineering Technician
  • Maintenance and Operations Engineering Technician
  • Gas Engineering operative
  • Gas Network Craftperson
  • Water Industry Network technician

Once the Apprenticeship is completed, individuals can apply to EUSR for the relevant CSCS Blue or Gold Skilled Worker card – for these an in-date EUSR SHEA registration is mandatory, and no alternatives are accepted.  Further information on  registration duration and pre requisite can be found here.

How to apply

You will need to submit evidence that you are registered for an apprenticeship and that you hold a valid EUSR registration for  Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness (SHEA)  or evidence of passing the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test.

You should complete the Apprentice card application form and return to

CSCS Partner

Apprentice cards are a CSCS Alliance scheme which gives apprentices access to construction site for utilities work. For further details please consult the CSCS Partner page.

Find Out More

For more information about CSCS visit Visit our SHEA page to learn more about this suite of schemes.

If you have any queries relating to EUSR or the evidence requirements for any of our schemes or programmes, please contact the EUSR Support team. We are available Monday – Friday, 8.00am – 5.00pm via email: or tel: 0121 745 1310.