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EUSR help employers to develop industry recognised schemes of learning and register individuals' skills and competencies on our register.

You can find a list of schemes currently used in the energy and utility sector, or find out more about how we work with industry and the schemes offered for each.

Recognition of Learning

The Recognition of Learning Programme (RLP) is a process which measures the quality of the training against a set of robust criteria which is benchmarked by industry and recognised by sector experts. The Recognition of Learning programme is an excellent way for employers to have a clear and robust way of choosing good quality courses for their organisations, and is an added value benefit of EU Skills membership.

You can find out more about the Recognition of Learning Programme here.

EUSR Approved Trainers

The EUSR provide workshops to approve trainers for Passport Schemes such as Safety, Health & Environmental Awareness (SHEA) Water Hygiene and Cross Country Pipelines Health Safety & Environmental (CCPHSE).

Information on how to become a EUSR Approved Trainer for one of these schemes can be found here.

There are over 600 EUSR approved trainers across these schemes. You can find an approved trainer on our website through our Training Provider Search.

Utility SHEA Telecommunications

Utility SHEA Telecommunications